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Outdoor escalators offer a solution for areas with slopes or where buildings are elevated above ground level. These inclines can pose challenges for disabled and elderly individuals when it comes to access. Outdoor escalators are designed to enhance accessibility in such terrains. They aren’t just found in residential neighborhoods, transportation hubs, and high-traffic areas; they are also employed to promote tourism in mountainous regions.

Because outdoor escalators are situated in open spaces, they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. Consequently, they require additional features compared to their indoor escalator. These additional features include waterproofing, resistance to corrosion, durability of rubber components such as handrail belts, drainage mechanisms, cooling for high temperatures, and heating for low temperatures.

Dazen is a professional manufacturer of escalators and parts in China. Our outdoor escalators combine both aesthetic appeal and durability, making them well-suited for a wide range of settings, including commercial spaces and various demanding public environments.

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