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Panoramic elevators are surrounded by glass panels that provide a 360-degree view from the cabins. These elevators can travel up to 80 feet per minute and reach heights of up to 1,148 feet above ground level.


Panoramic elevators are mostly used in hotels, airports, office buildings and residential buildings.


Explore Our Panoramic Elevators


1. Very low noise. The noise of our panoramic elevator is lower than 48dB, which is much lower than the national standard.

2. The highest speed of a panoramic elevator is 12m/s, which is faster than most of the other panoramic elevators.

3. We can provide customers with different kinds of glass panoramic elevators and different types of glass panels, such as clear glass and frosted glass panels so that customers can choose the one according to their own demand.

4. Panoramic elevators can be used for shopping malls and hotels, etc.

Indoor Panoramic Sightseeing Elevator

1. Fully automatic operation, easy to install, saves labor costs;

2. High performance, reliable and durable;

3. Simple structure, small volume, lightweight, easy to transport and install;

4. Variety of designs are available according to customer requirements;

5. It is suitable for indoor attractions, hotels and shopping malls.

6. The elevator has a strong ability to withstand impacts due to its high-strength steel structure.

Panoramic Elevator for Supermarket Observation

1. the Panoramic Elevator Has a 360-degree View of the Store’s Interior, with No Blind Spots or Obstructions.

2. it Can Be Installed in Any Type of Store, Whether It’s Big or Small.

3. high Definition Cameras Are Installed on Each Floor, Allowing Visitors to See What’s Happening Inside and Outside Their Stores Through Their Smart Phones or Tablets.

4. the Lift Offers a More Immersive Shopping Experience for Customers by Letting Them Explore Multiple Floors at Once.

Indoor Panoramic Elevator for Houses

The indoor panoramic elevator for houses is a new product, which can be used in different places. This kind of elevator is very convenient to use and its safety is guaranteed. The indoor panoramic elevator for houses is used to get up and down from floor to floor. It’s easy to install and move. We can install it in your home or office.



1. The indoor panoramic elevator for houses can be customized according to your needs, such as power supply, control mode, etc.

2. The indoor panoramic elevator for houses can be installed on the ground or on the wall according to your needs.

3. The indoor panoramic elevator for houses has a good quality and reasonable price compared with other similar products on the market