Dazen Elevator: Strict European Elevator Safety Standard


Why Should You Choose An Elevator Supplier With Strict European Safety Standards?

Elevators are a common tool in our daily lives, and if the safety of elevators is not guaranteed, serious accidents can occur.

For example, we often see scenes in the movies where the elevator is running to a high place and the traction rope suddenly breaks, and the elevator falls from the high place, which is very frightening. If such a thing happens in reality, the lives of people in the elevator will be in danger.

Europe has the world’s most stringent requirements for elevator safety in the region, its EN81 standard provides for elevator safety components by the approved institutions to carry out type test certification procedures and provides for the elevator in the delivery of the use of the content of the inspection must be carried out before and after major modifications.

As an elevator manufacturer, Dazen produces and tests elevators strictly with European standards to make them safer. The following is our for elevator safety. Let’s show how we do it.

Anti-Collision Roof

Prevents the car from continuously accelerating upward due to low safety operation, resulting in accidents caused by breaking through the building roof.

Avoid Pit Accident

Pit inspection box with up and down button, to prevent the car from falling and causing accidents when someone is operating at the bottom of the shaft.

Low Overhead and Pit Protection Device

A Damping Device is our standard function when the overhead and pit are small.

Pit Protection Device

Safety Parts with the Newest EN81-50 Certificate

Safety gear, overspeed governor, oil buffer, light curtain with newest EN81-50 certificate.

Avoid Elevator Cutting People Accident

Accidental Movement Protection Device

Choose the right partner, and enjoy premium quality. Contact Dazen Elevator сейчас!

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