Cargo Elevator Configuration:

  • Car Top: Painted steel (standard), Hairline stainless steel (optional)
  • Car Wall: Panted steel (standard), Hairline stainless steel (optional)
  • COP Panel: Hairine stainless steel
  • Floor: Steel plate
  • Car Color: Selectable according to standard color cards

MRL Freight Elevator

Dazen mrl freight elevator adopts advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction system, which has the advantages of lightweight, compact size, energy efficiency, and reduced operational noise. Greatly improving the performance and quality of machine-room-less freight elevator and reducing the failure rate. The permanent magnet synchronous traction technology does not require gear reduction device, so it saves building space.


Adopting permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, with high efficiency, large torque and remarkable energy saving effect. Compared with the traditional elevator, it saves 30-40% energy year-on-year.

✸ Space Saving

The compact size of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine and control cabinet can effectively save space, bringing more freedom to the architectural design and a wider range of applications.

✸ Large Load Range

Dazen advanced elevator manufacturing technology enables the mrl freight elevator to have a larger loading capacity from 1600kg to 3000kg, which meets the needs of customers at different levels.

✸ Easy Installation

Mrl freight elevators provide customers with an efficient and easy-to-follow installation solution to keep construction projects on track.

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