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Technical Support


Suzhou Dazen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Tel : +86-512-67604536

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Mob/WhatsApp : +8615189717159

Corporate Headquarters :
#716A,Qihong Road,SIP,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China 

Technical Support

Ultimate Customer Experience Is The Mission Of Dazen Elevator

Technical support is first important for elevator and escalator,the quality of elevator 70% is depend on installation,so technical comes very important,once customer experience comes very good ,them the brand vitality comes very strong.

What Technical Support you can get from Dazen Elevator?

1.Manual and Video training Support.
All English Manual by mail and paper print together with elevator and escalator,easy to commission and testing,easy to find all documents when need support.
More over, Dazen Elevator have been made Various of Commission Training video ,assist our partner in different way.

2.Eng-inner On Line After Service
Eng-inner who have enough experience at project site will assist you more easy find the solution when stuck ,on time service no need to wait,makes the customer experience comes great.

3.Free Technical Training
Dazen Elevator also can provide free training when our engineer visit overseas project site,or our partner visit our factory,Dazen is a partner who help you grow.

4.Overseas installation support Engineer

Dazen Elevator can provide Overseas installation Engineer for special project
,also we have many installation and after service partner in more than 150 countries.Dazen Elevator can help you make all things more easy.

Dazen technical support specialist can determine New Elevator and escalator ,Modernization ,maintenance requirements, needed parts, or suggest other solutions. For more information, call +86-51267604536 or Email Tech Support  –[email protected] Original source from