What kind of measures should we take to save ourselves?

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Nowadays, elevators are very common, and the invention of elevators has really facilitated people’s lives. The current building is basically a high-rise, so it needs the presence of an elevator. This facilitates people’s travel. However, there are often things that have advantages and disadvantages. This is something that cannot be avoided. Therefore, there is an elevator failure. There will be no operation, what should we do at this time? What kind of measures should we take to save ourselves? Let’s share with you the experience below.

In the face of unexpected circumstances, how can we ensure our safety?

First of all, we must make a response. Don’t panic.

Although there are very few elevator failures, if we do, we must not panic. We must make urgent adjustments according to the situation on the scene. However, the mind must be clear, not panic, and try to solve the problem little by little. If you do not calm down, you will not be able to do it yourself, and you will inflict harm on yourself. Therefore, when faced with a sudden situation, one’s emotions are very important. elevator china.

Then do not pick up the elevator door

If the elevator does not move when the elevator fails, do not slam the elevator door to prevent further failure of the elevator. Do not attempt to open the elevator door. This is very dangerous. If you forcibly open the door of the elevator and cause secondary damage to yourself, you must ensure your own safety.

Immediately afterward, it is the first time near the elevator side

If the elevator feels a little drop when the elevator fails, then it must rely on the inner side of the elevator to maintain a line and the knees are bent. This can slow down the impact and may save your life during the crisis.

Hold the handle and press the buttons on different floors

If there are handlebars in the elevator, please grasp the handles to prevent us from being unstable and causing us to fall and fall. Sometimes, when the elevator fails, it will turn on the emergency power. At this time, we press the buttons on different floors, and we may act in a certain position to stop our elevator from falling. In this way, we can be patient. Waiting for the rescue.

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