What should I pay attention to when entering the car

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What should you watch out for when an elevator suddenly loses power or fails and gets stuck in the car?
When you are locked in the car, you should follow the command of the elevator driver. If there is no driver, contact the relevant person through the communication device to solve the problem. Do not use your voice or jump out on your own.

What should I pay attention to when entering the car?
When you enter the car, if the elevator door is open, it is necessary to see if the elevator is in the leveling position, or if the car is in the floor, especially when the light is not clear at night, otherwise it may cause hurt.

Are elevator installation and repair units and maintenance and operation personnel qualified?
Yes. Elevator installation, maintenance, and renovation units must obtain the qualification certificate issued by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision before they can engage in the corresponding work; elevator installation, maintenance, elevator operators should obtain the special personnel operation certificate and hold the certificate.

What emergency situation can the elevator call 110?
When the elevator has an emergency, there are wounded, trapped people (people trapped in the elevator car, can not find the elevator maintenance personnel) situation, can call 110 to call the police.

What should I say when I call the elevator?
The specific conditions of the elevator should be clearly stated, and the specific location of the elevator, the contact person and contact phone number of the property unit of the elevator and the responsible department, the maintenance unit of the elevator, and the telephone number should be clearly stated.

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