Service Elevator vs. Freight Elevator

Choosing the right type of elevator for your needs is crucial. While passenger elevators are sufficient for most buildings, specific projects require special elevators. These special elevators include service elevators and freight elevators. In this blog, we will take a look at the key differences between these two types of specialized elevators.


What Is A Service Elevator?

A service elevator can also be known as a service lift. It is made for carrying equipment, goods, and other items that are needed for performing the service tasks of the building.

The name of this elevator tells us that it is mainly used by staff personnel and technicians, rather than passengers.

An important difference between service elevators and passenger elevators is their dimensions. Passenger elevators are usually wider than they are deep offering space for passengers to comfortably enter, exit, and move within the cabin. However, service lifts are defined by their greater depth compared to width.

This design feature permits the easy movement of big items like cleaning carts, laundry bins, hospital equipment, and other types of light cargo frequently found in hotels, hospitals, and similar institutions.

Where Are Service Elevators Used?

You get to find service elevators in commercial structures like:

Hotels: They use the service elevators to improve the luggage and linen movement from one floor to another.

Hospitals: They perform the important function of transporting medical devices and small equipment from one ward to another.

Large office complexes: They are for repairs and deliveries.

Features of Service Elevators

Durability: They are designed with strong frames and interiors constructed from tough materials. The stainless steel material ensures that service elevators can withstand the stress of prolonged and heavy usage. Their resilient design easily endures heavy payloads.

Door Design: Service elevators may be equipped with conventional side-sliding doors. These have limits for the width of the door and, consequently, the size of the freight that can be loaded into the elevator. While this door design may impose some restrictions on the size of the freight, it still provides for the convenient loading and unloading of items.

Capacidade: Maximum weight limits usually range from 1000 to 1500 lbs. It allows the transportation of light cargo, employees, and multiple compact boxes or items in one trip.

Controls: Manually operated push-button stations or key switches provide safer operation. It is better suited for cargo than automatic systems on passenger lifts.

Interior Flooring: Reinforced non-slip grating or solid flooring. It guarantees secure placement of shipments and equipment during transport to prevent sliding or tipping.

What is a Freight Elevator?

A elevador de carga is an industrial lift constructed to carry heavy loads instead of passengers.

With payloads typically ranging from 2500-5000 lbs, freight elevators feature fortified construction to withstand intensive cargo usage.

Where are Freight Elevators Used?

Elevador de carga are commonly found in:

Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants: Used for the movement of the inventory stock and bulk lift from one level to another and the bigger machines like forklift trucks.

Apartment/Condo Buildings: Used to deliver furniture and appliances directly to residential units.

Parking Garages: Allow for the movement of construction debris and such large vehicles and machines.

Hotels: Shuttling linen carts, mini-fridges, and other supplies between levels.

Features of Freight Elevators

Heavy Capacity: Freight elevators are quite special as they can carry forklifts and other heavy machines. Freight elevators are so rugged in design that they are capable of handling enormous weight loads. They are built to withstand such heavy cargo: the weight of each load can be more than 20,000 pounds.

Interior: The weight and vibration resistance of the flooring in freight elevators are specifically designed for goods movement. This could be made of steel or reinforced rubber to provide the load with a stable surface thus preventing damage. The interior consists of non-slip flooring that prevents shifting during transportation and hard handrails or grab bars to provide instability support for team members and prevent them from falling while moving within the elevator.

Controls: The control of freight elevators demands a separate electrical disconnect and controller for ultimate safety and effectiveness.
The electrical disconnect is a way to turn off the power to avoid an accident. The controller performs the task of supervising the elevator operation.

Door Open Method: The door-open technique for freight elevators usually consists of semi-automatic and manual controls.
It makes light work of the handling of heavy cargo on and off the ship.

Which One Should You Choose?

The selection of the best elevator to fit your needs may seem overwhelming. If you are not sure if the type of elevator is best for your needs or not, Contate-nos at Dazen. Our dedicated team is equipped to answer your questions and guide you through our customized services.

We are committed to assisting you to choose the most appropriate elevator solution, for smooth and safe transportation in your building.

Dazen Elevator offers a comprehensive range of top-class elevator products. As one of the most dominant players in the market, Dazen can be the right choice for both commercial and residential needs. Whether your type of elevator is passenger, freight, or service, Dazen Elevators has the required skills to give you an ideal product.

Dazen also has escalators and modernization in addition to elevators. You are guaranteed on-site support during projects including on-time installation, responsive shipping, and prompt maintenance service. Whenever Dazen is meant to cover new or retrofit vertical needs, it is always the safe and personalized solutions that they provide. Reach them to discuss the custom elevator needs.

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