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Structure of Panoramic Elevator

14 Frequently Asked Questions About Elevators

Elevator is an indispensable vertical transportation tool for high-rise buildings, and it is a large comprehensive equipment of electromechanical integration. To ensure its safety and reliability, preventive measures are set from various aspects, such as electrical safety devices and mechanical safety devices. These safety devices can ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

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A Brief History of Elevators

Along with the rapid development of the global economy and the improvement of the level of urbanization of society, elevators, as a vertical transportation tool in residential buildings, office buildings and other buildings, have become an indispensable part of our daily life.
Then do you know the history of elevator development?

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The Difference Between Lift and Elevator

Even though they are very different, people often get elevators and Lift confused. An elevator is a machine that moves people up and down.In the past, heavy things were moved up and down using ropes and pulleys. This is where elevators come from. But in the 19th century, especially after Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator, elevators became a common way to move people.
On the other hand, the lift has existed on Earth for billions of years and has changed over time to become as complicated as it is today. Even though elevators make our lives easier, they can’t compare to how unique and hard life is. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how these two are different and how they affect our world.

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Qual é a diferença entre elevadores altos, médios e baixos?

Hoje vamos discutir o emocionante mundo dos elevadores, especificamente as diferenças entre elevadores altos, baixos e médios. Agora, você pode estar se perguntando: “Qual é a diferença? Eles são apenas caixas que sobem e descem, certo? ERRADO! Como os humanos, os elevadores vêm em todas as formas e tamanhos, cada um com peculiaridades e personalidades únicas. É hora de dar a esses gigantes do metal o reconhecimento que eles merecem e aprender uma ou duas coisas sobre suas características distintas. Então, aperte o cinto (ou melhor, aperte o botão “fechar portas”) e vamos começar!

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