2 Hotel Elevators For Indonesia Customer

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Our customer is a is one of our distributors in Indonesia for more than 3 years, who is very happy with our service and product always in time. For this project the customer needs very fast delivery in 15-20 days, and we approved with short time. but during June, COP manufacturing got a little Covid, and production very slow, so we decide to deliver elevator firstly in time, and COP delivery by DHL at free charge, finally the end customer is happy, after ordering another new project shortly.

Project LocationIndonesia, Jarkata
Product2 Hotel Elevator
Project TypeHotel
ShippingWe ship total 1×20GP
Project TimeJune 2022

For This Project, Our Client’s Requirements Include:

● 2 Passenger elevator 450kg etching decoration

● Very good quality and price, but fast delivery

● Modern and fashion design

● Local installation service —local project reference

Our Solution

All the technical support in time, our agent is very good at installation, the whole process is very easy in total, the end customer has no need to worry about the quality and carelessness.

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