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Car elevators, also known as automobile elevators, vehicle-elevators, are specialized types of elevators designed to address the issue of vertically transporting cars. In comparison to conventional car ramps, car elevators can save up to 80% of floor space while significantly increasing the efficiency of car turnover, often more than doubling it. They are typically installed in residential or commercial buildings, where space is limited and parking is at a premium.



Car elevators are highly recommended if you are constantly struggling to find a parking spot in your crowded urban area and if you want a smarter, more efficient solution to parking your cars at home or in your office building. You can also consider it as a good investment if you are a building owner looking for a solution to your parking problems and want to provide your tenants with a convenient and secure place to park their cars.



Dazen is a professional car elevator manufacturer in China that has been revolutionizing the way people park their cars in urban areas. With the increase in the number of vehicles and limited space in cities, our car elevators offer a practical and efficient solution for parking.



Upgrade your parking situation and increase your property value with Dazen car elevators. Our elevators are the ultimate solution for maximizing space, providing added security, and increasing convenience. Contact us today to learn more about how the car elevator can revolutionize the way you move vehicles.

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Why Choose Dazen Car Elevators

The perfect solution for any homeowner or business owner looking to optimize their parking situation.

Energy Efficiency

Dazen car elevators are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help to reduce operating costs over the long term. We use advanced drive systems, LED lighting, and other energy-saving features to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

Safety Features

Our car elevators are equipped with a range of safety features, such as overload protection, emergency stop button, safety interlocks, backup power and safety sensors to detect any obstructions or operational issues.

Low Noise

Gearless trollers do not use gearboxes and have very low rated motor speeds for smooth operation and low noise.

OEM And ODM Design

Our car elevators are designed to be customizable to fit the unique requirements of different buildings or projects. Whether it is a residential building, a commercial complex, or a public parking facility.

Excellent After-Sales

Dazen owns professional installation and maintenance team in more than 80 countries. We owns the Award winning team from Otis, not only give you best solutior in time, but also a best partner lead you grow.

Competitive Price

With best competitive price for our customers by maintaining an excellent cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers. Make us a good choice for building owners or developers who are looking for a high-quality elevator solution at an affordable price.

A Few Cases Of Car Elevator

Relying on the outstanding travel performance, it is competent to various transport takes under various harsh conditions. It is widely applicable for office building, hotel, traffic hub, shopping center, factory etc.

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