Dazen Solution For Elevator Distributors

As a professional team, we know well how to support you build your own brand, to be perfect in each detail, all main core parts with EN81-20 And 50 Certificate, also idea how to win the market. 

The Benefit of Become A Distributor For Our Elevator

1. Very competitive price with World Top 10 Quality.

2. Very good customer experience and product experience, business comes easy.

3. Saving your value time and cost.

4. Free catalog design, easy marketing plan.

5. Free elevator program design and controller design, protect your after service income.

6. Free Decor design if elevator sales quantity arrive 30Pcs One Year.

7. Free train your staff and provide future support.

We Promise

● Help you to develop local market with competitive price.


● We have sufficient inventory to ship short and fast, free up your valuable warehouse space.


● Offer an even better service to your customers with rapid delivery of small order quantities and custom sized elevators and escalators.

The best product will sell itself, the idea to create a prefect elevator and escalator brand as follow:

To Be an Agent or Create Your Own Brand Elevator?

Many customer may thinking about become an agent or use your own elevator brand, below is some idea show you the difference between an agent or your own elevator brand.



1. If you are an agent for one brand, everything will base on this brand, if one day factory is not happy with you or you not deal with this brand again, all your work will start again from zero. And also the end customer only know this brand, not your company, and the maintenance income will not belong to you.



2. If build your own brand, all the advertisement will base on your own brand, new customer will find you if he like this elevator, also after service income will be on your own hand.



Mostly important, we will help you build your own brand.

How To Build A Good Elevator Brand

Most Customer do not know much about elevator, even maybe afraid to choose an elevator, actually Elevator all comes standard product for more than 30 years, and very save, easy like assembly computer. But firstly elevator company need to be professional, know well about each part, each step, else your elevator will have many problem not installed well.



Many elevator manufacture not have complete system for testing and commission and rich experience who only sell you like parts, this may cost a you a lot problem during Elevator installation.

Recommendations for Build a Good Elevator Brand

1. Choose A Good Partner For Complete Elevator Package

if you are doing assembly elevator, is not must to choose a very big factory, but must be suitable for you. Who have enough experience, who working with other big elevator brand, can help you to grow up,protect your market and extend your business.

2. Choose An Elevator Company Who Have Very Good After Service

Who can feedback you in fast way all time,engineer have wide experience for testing and commission,not ask you look at the manual,ask supplier experience how they service other customer,neither show you video or chat record.

3. Choose A Company Who Do not Have Missing Parts or Wrong Production After Delivery
we know well may 90% elevator company have missing parts, this will bring problem for ending customer,even factory promise you will sending by DHL, customer have to wait,and the elevator can not use.

Check the company packing list is very strictly even show one small screw,and they have system how to avoid missing parts.

4. Well-Established Certification

All the main core parts such as elevator motor, controller, safety parts, door, cable, must be EN81-20 and 50, EN115 standard,this may become a point for selling.


5. Competitive Price

Price is also very important help you to win,get a competitive price is very important.


6. Build Your Own Program for Your Elevator

In market now mostly is Monarch and step, if you do not have difference with others, after you sell elevator many you have nothing to do with customer,and lose your after service income.

dazen elevator packaging

How To Saving Shipping Cost For Your Elevator

Recently shipping cost is very expensive, bring a lot of difficult to sales, and reduce your elevator profit. Below is some way how to saving shipping cost For elevator and elevator parts Recommend for you.

1.Load as much as you can for container,max can load 4 Sets Small elevator for


2.Check different port price for you in your country,you may find big difference for some port.

3.Get some booking which other customer give up,you will save may more than 1000 USD.

4.Choose a freezer container,maybe the total volume will be a little small,but price will be cheap.

dazen elevator shipping

How to Avoid Missing Parts for Elevator

We Believe 95% Elevator Distributor have been face missing parts issue when elevator arrived, this bring you a lot of headache even supplier promise you will send by DHL right away, cause end customer will complain and also elevator can not use, your brand will come weak. A lot of missing parts issue is cost by human beings,so elevator package management system is very important to avoid mistake. 

Below is some recommendation for you how to avoid missing parts.

1. Find a elevator factory who have very professional packing list, looks very standardized, whether it is typography or font,the important details description is very clear,even show a small screw.

2. One People do one work with smart ERP management system ,will be much more easy.

3. Elevator Parts Packing inside Very neat,not Messy.As the saying goes, details determine success or failure,choose a good elevator factory need to check the details what is looks like.

elevator shipping

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