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Escalators and Moving Walkways

Dazen is a leading global escalator and moving walkway manufacturer, specializing in passenger transport solutions. Our key products include escalators & moving walkways, stairways and moving floors, airport moving walkways and baggage handling systems.



What is a Moving Walkway Called?

Moving walkways are also known as moving sidewalks, moving walks, or travelators. The terms can be used interchangeably. It has a circular running (plate or belt) aisle and is a fixed electrically driven device for transporting passengers at an angle of not more than 12° horizontally or inclined.

The length of the Moving Walkway can be up to 500 meters when horizontal or slightly inclined. The conveying speed is generally 0.5 m/s, up to 0.75 m/s.

A moving walkway is a conveyor belt that transports passengers from one location to another between two points of different elevations or different floors in a building. They are often used in airports and malls to transport people from their vehicles to the terminal or shopping area without having to go up and down stairs, escalators, or elevators.


10 Types of escalators

1. Moving walkways

Moving walkways


2. Parallel Escalator

Parallel Escalator


3. Stairway escalators

Stairway escalators


4. Belt-type escalators

belt-type escalator


5. Curved escalators

curved escalator


6. Wheelchair-accessible Escalator

Wheelchair-accessible escalators


7. Step Type Escalator

Step-type escalators


8. Crisscross Escalator

Crisscross escalators



9. Multi-story escalators

multi-story escalator


10. Outdoor escalators

Outdoor escalators


Advantages of escalators

1, It is natural and artistic with comfortable designs

The escalator adopts a streamlined design, making it natural in appearance. Beautiful and fashionable, the escalator can be well integrated into the surrounding architectural environment.


2, It is durable in use and favorable in performance

Adopting the most advanced domestic and foreign manufacturing techniques, it’s designed in a large truss. The rigidity and anti-distortion can reach the international level.


3, Stable and reliable

it is safety-oriented Secured by a system of microcomputers, it is equipped with a series of extended functions, not only ensuring the continuous highly efficient, and stable operation of the escalator but also able to rapidly respond to emergency situations.


Moving Walk Features

DAZEN moving walk adopts humanized design, introducing advanced techniques into aspects of the product to provide perfect large passenger flow solutions for various public places, In urban public spaces, it can provide conveniences for people.


1, The humanized design provides comfortable experiences

In different environments, it can be allocated with different accessories to improve user experience to the maximum extent. The humanized design can satisfy the different demands of clients to bring a comfortable and stable user experience.


2, It is environmental protection with the energy-saving operation

It can choose variable frequency driving technology optional to effectively avoid interferences from other factors and further improve the energy-saving effect and reduce the operation cost to the maximum extent.


3, It is safe, stable, and durable

The highly-precisive metal truss structure makes it tight, secure, and safe with a strong carrying capacity. With advanced techniques, it insists on details to make sure the product quality in each link from production to application.


Moving Walk Function Configuration

Click to download the feature configuration sheet

Moving Walk Function Configuration.PDF

30°and0°Escalator Construction Parameters.PDF



How to Choose the Best Escalator Manufacturers?

The best escalator manufacturers are those that are able to provide high-quality products and services. They should also have a good reputation in the industry. When choosing an escalator manufacturer, you should consider a few things.


The first thing to consider is the quality of their products. You need to choose a company that produces quality products. When looking at their product line, you should check out some of their products and see how they work. If you find any defects or problems with them, then you know what to expect from them as an escalator manufacturer.


Another thing to consider is their customer service. You want a company that offers high-quality customer service. The best companies will be able to answer all your questions and concerns about their products or services in a timely manner. You should also check out what other customers have said about the company before hiring them as your escalator manufacturer or supplier.


If you are looking for escalator manufacturers, we have listed the top 10 escalator manufacturers in the world. With the help of these 10 best escalator manufacturers, you will be able to find the right supplier for your business needs.


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