Dazen Solution For Elevator Assembly Company

Dazen have been helped a lot Elevator Assembly Companies all over the world, such as Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi, Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Philippine, Indonesia, Columbia, Russia, Venezuela, Peru, etc.


With our idea our partner get very good elevator and elevator parts as follow: 

Elevator Motor, Elevator Door, Elevator Controller, Light Curtain, Elevator Guide Rail, Elevator Steel Rope, Elevator Fan, Rope attachment.

We offer a comprehensive range of both branded and non-branded parts for your convenience. Our controllers options like Monarch and Steph. Traction machines, including Montanari, Torin, Xizi, Mona Drive, Kds, Hepu, NBSL, Faxi, and more. Additionally, we provide elevator doors such as Selcomii, Fermator, Mitsubishi, NBSL, Ouling, and others.

We also offer OEM and ODM services to meet your specific needs.

Dazen Who Lead You Grow

A best supplier is not only the best partner who help elevator assembly company all way, such as:

● Quality Product Experience

● Best Price Support

● Urgently Delivery

● Special design with perfect details

● Very good after-service experience

● Always saving your value time and shipping cost

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Talk to Us

1. Excellent OEM and ODM Design
With excellent technology and advanced design, not only build a premium brand for you but also protect your after service income.


2. Big Brand Trust
We have been designing Elevator and Escalator for many brands, such as Fuji, Sanyo, working with ThyssenKrupp.


3. Build Your Premium Brand Value
Dazen take care your elevator and escalator with perfect details.
We can customize the elevator system for you to protect your after-sales service income.
Specific parts to enhance your brand value, such as German and Italian traction machines, control cabinets and other branded parts.

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