Escalator Modernization

Escalator Modernization: A Guide to Achieve a More Efficient Building

Escalators also referred to as moving staircases, are common in numerous shopping malls, train stations, airports and many other public spaces, but they were only sometimes as efficient as today.

In the past, escalators were operated using a direct starting mode, meaning they would run at full speed for the entire time they were in use. This method resulted in high electricity consumption and increased maintenance costs, and receiving higher elevator maintenance bills is not something anyone will find attractive.

This reason is why Escalator Modernization comes in. Escalator modernization can give your escalators a new lease on life. Upgrading your existing escalators can improve their performance, safety, and energy efficiency. You can also give them a modern look that will improve the appearance of your building.

At Dazen, we offer decades of experience, we also provide reliable and innovative escalator modernization solutions. our focus on enhanced safety, robust construction materials, and advanced protection mechanisms ensures our modernized escalators meet the highest standards in the industry. Contact us today.

Why Modernize Your Escalator?

If you are considering escalator modernization, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your escalators.

Benefits of Escalator Modernization

We are a leading manufacturer of escalators in China, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have exported our products to over 50 countries and have a complete inventory of branded and non-branded escalator systems. Our products are known for their high quality, reliability, and safety. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.

Increased Security

Escalators that have been modernized have the most recent safety measures, such as anti-climb devices, emergency stop buttons, and sound warnings. This can help in the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Increased Dependability

Modern escalators are constructed with high-quality components that are less likely to fail. This can help you with downtime during usage. 

Performance Improvement

Escalators that have been modernized are often faster, smoother, and quieter than previous types. This can make them more comfortable and increase your building’s overall efficiency.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Modern escalators frequently consume less energy than their older counterparts. You can save money on energy expenses by doing so.

Updated Appearance

Modernized escalators can be given a new look with updated steps, balustrades, and lighting. This can improve the overall aesthetic of your building and make it more inviting to your visitors.

Increased Accessibility

Modernized escalators can be made more accessible for people with disabilities by installing features such as wider steps, handrails, and audible announcements.

Improved Maintenance

Modernized escalators are easier to maintain than older models. This can reduce the need for costly repairs and downtime.

Increased Value

Modernized escalators can increase the value of your building. This is because they make your building more attractive to tenants and visitors.

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Why Choose Dazen for Escalator Modernization

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Brand and Non-Brand Escalators Modernization

Elevator electrical system is the core for elevator, with the replacement for it, elevator will come younger again. Modernization may include replacing outdated or malfunctioning electrical components, such as controllers, motors, and wiring, and incorporating new technologies, such as advanced sensors and monitoring systems. Electrical system elevator modernization aims to ensure that the elevator operates optimally and is safe for passengers.

Enhanced Safety


VVVF technology and ergonomic research have helped to make escalators more comfortable, stable, and reliable. These features and extended functions ensure that escalators can operate continuously, efficiently, and safely. In the event of an emergency, escalators can respond rapidly to minimize disruption.

Structure of escalator

Mechanical Step-Missing Protection Mechanisms

Traditional escalators only have electric sensor protection for step loss. We have modernised our escalators by adding two additional mechanical step-missing protection mechanisms up and down. This double-way protection provides an extra layer of safety for our customers.

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Driving Wheel Running Protection System

We provide a driving wheel running protection system that monitors the smoothness and direction of the escalator’s running. Two sensors are used to detect any abnormalities, and the escalator will shut down if there is a problem.

Dazen Escalator Modernization Process


To begin the process, we will comprehensively assess your escalators and analyze the people flow within your building. We will suggest the most suitable modernization options tailored to your specific needs based on our findings.  Our recommendations will include a detailed cost estimate and offer guidance on potential financing options for the project. After the site visit, we will conclude the modernization plan and implement thorough safety procedures.


Our team aims to minimize disruptions to your building's everyday life by protecting floors, walls, and walkways. We will also ensure that noise and dust are minimal throughout the project. Regular updates on the schedule and progress will be provided to you and your end users. Old equipment will be dismantled and recycled for extensive projects before preparing the site for installation. Once the project is completed, we will perform final equipment checks, clean up the site, and leave it in top condition.


Upon completing the modernization work, we will hand over the escalators to you, provide technical and safety information, and conduct training. Moreover, our team will offer support with any required third-party inspections.

Escalator Modernization SPEC Requirement

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We have exported to more than 50 countries. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

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