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China has the most competitive elevator/escalator manufacturer resources in the world, but there are many difficulties and potential risks in finding suitable suppliers to produce quality products.


Most customers don’t know much about elevators and may even be afraid to choose one. In fact, elevators are standard products for over 30 years and are very economical and as easy to assemble as a computer. But first the elevator company has to be professional and know every part, every step well, otherwise you will have many problems to install your elevator properly.


Many elevator manufacturers do not have complete testing, commissioning system & mature production system and project site experience, they only sell parts, which may will make a lot of problems during installation.


That’s why we created DAZEN to help our partners, especially for Elevator Manufacture, Elevator Distributor, and Modernization.

DAZEN is a leading Elevator and Escalator full solution provider. With the first awards engineer from Otis and Kone who achieved advanced technology.

Since its foundation of DAZEN in 2014, we have exported to more than 60 countries. Powerful service internet and installation team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia. And also we finished lots of projects both domestic and overseas.

The Mission and Vision of Dazen is to Create Prefect Elevator and Prefect Customer Experience, we firmly believe and focus on technical and product details is the only way become a leader in elevator industry.

Be a partner with Dazen Elevator, Experience quality life.


CEO David

Or email me at: info@dazenelevator.com

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