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Moving Walkway is also called autowalk, moving pavement, moving sidewalk, people-mover, travolator, or travelator. It is a horizontal conveyor belt that transports people. They are similar to escalators, but they transport people over longer distances at a slower speed. Moving walkways are commonly found in airports, train stations, and large buildings to assist people in journeying long distances more efficiently.



Dazen is a professional manufacturer of moving walkway in China. Dazen is a professional manufacturer of moving walkway in China.  We introduce advanced techniques to provide perfect large passenger flow solutions for various public spaces. Our moving walkways are durable use and charming outline. Apart from fine and exquisite structure, delicate belt, attractive outline model, etc. moving walk can better solve large passenger-flow transport problems. Meanwhile, it is greatly convenient for shopping carts. luggage cart etc. people s up/down motion in the escalator is as easy as walking on firm earth.

Why Dazen Moving Walkway

Types of Moving Walkways

Pallet Type Moving Walkway

Pallet moving walkways use interconnected pallets to transport passengers. These pallets move in a circular fashion, creating a continuous loop.

Belt Type Moving Walkway

A belt type moving walkway consists of a continuous belt that moves along a track, it is commonly found in airports, shopping centers, and train stations.

airport moving walkway

Airport Moving Walkway

These are commonly found in airports and transport passengers and luggage between terminals, gates, and baggage claim areas. Usually it is 0-6 °, installed indoors and operated 24/7.

outdoor moving walkway

Outdoor Moving Walkway

These moving walkways can withstand all kinds of harsh weather and are equipped with specialized features such as weatherproof coating, anti-corrosion, sun protection, and water resistance, so they cost more than indoor moving walkways, the decoration should use 304 stainless steel.

Flat Escalator Moving Walkway

Flat Escalator Moving Walkway

This type of Escalator runs in a straight line, with the steps running parallel to the direction of travel. It consists of a flat, continuous surface that moves in a loop and is powered by an electric motor. They are the most common escalator type and are typically found in shopping malls, airports, and subway stations.

Inclined Moving Walkway

Inclined Moving Walkway

These auto walkways have a slight incline 10-12°, and are used to help people move up or down a level building. They are often found in airports, shopping malls, and other extensive public facilities.

Moving Walkway Key Features


The conveyor length of the moving walkway can be up to 500 meters. Conveying speeds are generally 0.5 m/s and 0.65m/s, with a maximum of 0.75 m/s.

Inclination Degree

The incline of the moving walkway ranges from 0 to 12 degrees, with a maximum limit of 15 degrees. However, for safety considerations, the international standard sets the maximum incline at 12 degrees.

Chic Appearance, Reveal The Modern Breath

Handrail are of different styles and consistent with surrounding building styles,  front plate with stamped flowers, more beautiful and three-dimensional; more photo-receptive stainless steel cover plate provides you with senses of science, technology and fashion in the gradual modern life.

Safety Energy-Saving, Embodied Humanistic Care

Guide rail for ladder way with side-step design allows the ladder way to run in the guide rail, so it will not move about and cause accidents due to frictions. Rectangle square tube structures have powerful load capacity so that the escalator can move stably. Variable frequency driving technology is more environmental friendly and cost-effective for the complete machine.

Humanized Design Provides Comfortable Experiences

In different environments, it can be allocated with different accessories to improve user experience to the maximum extent. The humanized design can satisfy the different demands for clients to bring comfortable and stable user experience.

Environmental Protective With Energy-Saving Operation

It can choose variable frequency driving technology optional to effectively avoid interference s from other factors and further improve the energy-saving effect and reduce the operation cost to the maximum extent.

Safe, Stable and Durable

The highly-precise metal truss structure makes it tight, secure and safe with strong carrying capacity. With advanced techniques, it insists on details to make sure the product quality in each link from production
to application.

Moving Walkway Construction Parameters

Model Section Height (mm) Rated Speed (m/s) Rated Capacity (person/hour) Inclination (°) Motor Power (kw) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
E800(800/0°-6°) 4100 0.5 4800 0-6 7.5 800 1038 1400 ≥1460
E1000(1000/0°-6°) 4100 0.5 6000 0-6 7.5 1000 1238 1600 ≥1660
0° Moving Walk Construction Parameters

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about passenger elevator here for your convenience. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQs, please Give us a call at +8615189717159 or get in touch at info@dazenelevator.com.

Normal and slim type, public type, indoor or outdoor type

Both electric mechanical step losing protection up and down.
Besides electric sensor protection for step lose, we protection for step lose, we have another additional two Mechanical step missing protection ,to avoid escalator eat people.
Standard in market only requires electric sensor protection ,this is the difference between we and others. Double way protection for safety!

This two sensor is monitor the running are smooth and the running are smooth and director is right or not. It will be shut down if there is abnormal.

It will be shut down directly It will be shut down directly if drive chain is ruptured.

Escalator Handrail Speed Monitor.
Make the speed of handrail is the same as Escalator step.
To avoid accident.

If the Plate Collapse or broken, the switch will shut down
escalator to avoid accident.

One is the moving walkway is one is the escalator is cracked, the switch will shut down escalator, aviod accident.

Much more stronger and low running noise compare to steel plate.
Mostly other supplier use steel plate, cost more noise.

Normally the delivery time is 25days for moving walkway.

Two Year long Free Guarantee will be offered for elevator, escalator and moving walkway.

We have been choose quality partner for installation and after service in most country, who can be best partner for constructor.

All our parts is famous brand, you can get easily from market or us by low price. Or you can directly ask our local service team with short delivery time.

All main parts with famous brand with EN81 certification, mean while testing by high level technical people.

Yes,we can produce the elevator with your Logo.

We are mainly exported to the Australia, Germany,Poland, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Georgia, Philippines.

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