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Dazen is a professional passenger elevator manufacturer and supplier with advanced technology from Otis and Kone. Our passenger elevator have high speed performance and heavy duty, the load capacity can be 450-1600kg for 6-22 people. Widely applicable for apartment, residential, office building, hotel, shopping center, traffic hubs, and public buildings.

Whether it is a small shaft, heavy loading, high speed, or low headroom, you can always find best solution in Dazen with our special mission as follows.

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Types of Our Passenger Elevator

Apartment Elevator

Commercial Elevator

Hotel Elevator

Machine Room (MR) Elevator

Our small machine room elevator technology helps you to increase the efficiency of your engineering and accelerate the speed of project progress. The use of Dazen small machine room passenger elevator can ensure smooth operation of the engineering. Therefore, no effects will be brought to the progress of the engineering due to the installation of the elevator.

Machine Room Less (MRL) Elevator

Our machine room less elevator no need for special machine room for elevator, saving space and cost.

  • Low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable.
  • High efficiency, energy saving.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • To meet specific requirements for height and roofing.

Our Passenger Elevator Project Cases

We have exported to more than 50 countries. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

Get The Best Solutions for Your Building!

Why Choose Dazen Passenger Elevator

Superior design, uncompromising quality and a growing list of satisfied customers have made Dazen a pioneer in the elevator industry. All main core parts with EN81-20 and 50 certificate

Big Brand Trust

As a Global company currently now Dazen has been design elevators and escalators for FUJI, Sanyo, also supply parts for Thyssenkrupp, Schindler.

Zero Missing Spare Parts

More than 10 steps for quality inspection focusing all details with advanced production system ensure DAZEN facing Zero quality complain and Zero Missing Spare Parts.

OEM And ODM Design

With Excellent Technology and Advanced design, not only build a premium brand for you but also protect your after service income

Ultimate Shaft Space

With leading technology, which not only allows you to have a comfortable and stylish passenger elevator in a small space but also gives the small shaft a larger ele vator space, minimal shaft size can be 900*900mm.

Competitive Price

With best competitive price for our customers by maintaining an excellent cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers. That's why we have the same elevator formula as Otis and Kone, but with a 60% lower price.

Excellent After-Sales

Dazen owns professional installation and maintenance team in more than 80 coun. tries. We owns the Award winning team from Otis, not only give you best solutior in time, but also a best partner lead you grow

Extensive Elevator Parts

High efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about passenger elevator here for your convenience. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQs, please Give us a call at +8615189717159 or get in touch at [email protected].

Two Year long Free Guarantee will be offered for elevator and escalator.

We have been choose quality partner for installation and after service in most country, who can be best partner for constructor.

All our parts is famous brand, you can get easily from market or us by low price. Or you can directly ask our local service team with short delivery time.

All main parts with famous brand with EN81 certification, mean while testing by high level technical people.

Yes,we can produce the elevator with your Logo.

We have been produce elevator for more than 8years. Currently we are working with Ots,Kone,Thyssenkrupp,and customers from than 80 countries. Our Product are Qualified with ISO9001, CE/EN81, EAC. All the main parts which we use is international famous brand,make our elevator comes premium level.

We have been cooperate with elevator installation company more than 80 countries,we never stop finding best installation partner in other country everyday. To ensure our customer can enjoy both good quality and after service in time.

Our elevator got 6 line safety protection ,In Machineroom,Elevator Door,Bottom of shaft. It will be enter into the protection system automatically if there is any emergency .The elevator will not have such kind of accident if the after service is going on well.This is why we have so many partners all over the world.

We are qualified with CE/EN81,EAC/CU-TR Certificates.You are full protected.

Normally the delivery time is 25days for escalator.

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