Dumbwaiter Elevator

Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiters

A dumbwaiter also known as a food elevator, is used to transfer tiny goods, foods or things vertically within a structure, often between various floors. It is smaller than conventional elevators, and normally installed in specially built shafts or holes, and simple push-button controls or automated systems typically control their functioning.



Because of its small size, simple structure, easy operation, smooth transportation and low price, it is widely used in restaurants, hotels, residential, libraries and other places.



Dazen is a professional dumbwaiter manufacturer in China, we own stronger research and technical team and the best electric technical man who are working responsible for each project. We are committed to providing solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Different Tyeps of Dumbwaiters

Residential Dumbwaiter

Residential dumbwaiters are ideal for multi-floor homes and are mainly used for food, clothing, luggage, and grocery handling. They are usually installed in kitchens, garages, etc. Compact and take up little space

commercial dumbwaiter

Commercial Dumbwaiter

Commercial dumbwaiters are elevators that serve commercial buildings and are commonly used in libraries, laboratories, manufacturing plants, healthcare, hotels, and other industries. Used to transport books, documents, food and special items, it has greatly improved the efficiency of modern business.

Restaurant Dumbwaiter

The price of a restaurant dumbwaiter is only equivalent to the salary of an employee for half a year. The one-time investment can benefit you for a long time, and it can greatly improve the work of passing dishes in your restaurant.

laundry dumbwaiter

Laundry Dumbwaiter

Laundry dumbwaiter is mainly used for transporting clothes and sheets, and are commonly used in public laundries, laundries, hotels, dry cleaners and other places.

Dumbwaiter: A Helpful Guide

What is a Dumbwaiter Elevator?

The Dumbwaiter elevator is used in hotels, kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, kindergartens, businesses, factories, etc., to transport food, tableware and daily necessities. It can be directly level with the ground level, and users can choose different sizes of cars according to their needs. Trolleys or food carts can be directly transported into the car.

How Much Does a Dumbwaiter Cost?

The price of a dumbwaiter ranges from $4,000 – $15,000. You may be surprised why the price difference is so big, which is mainly caused by various reasons such as the height, the floors, load capacity, operating system and the material of the elevator car.

Dumbwaiter generally has two types, one is the floor dumbwaiter, and one is the window dumbwaiter. The price of the two types of dumbwaiter is also different, generally, the price of a window dumbwaiter is lower than floor dumbwaiter.


However, merely looking at the offer isn’t enough. The material, configuration, fabrication, installation, and after-sales service of the elevator are crucial factors. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to go over the details with you.

Dumbwaiter Dimensions

The standard size for the dumbwaiter cabin is typically 600 x 600 x 800mm. However, considering the varying needs of hotels, restaurants, and homes for dumbwaiters, the required size may differ. The selection should be based on the overall space standards to choose the right dining ladder.

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation to plan the size of the dumbwaiter that suits your needs!”

How Fast Does A Dumbwaiter Move?

The speed of the dumbwaiter elevator is 0.4m/s-1.0m/s. The standard speed is 0.4m/s, and the speed can be raised to 1.0m/s when the floor is high.

Power Consumption

The power of a dumbwaiter elevator elevator is generally 1kw-5kw, and the power consumption is only equivalent to a refrigerator.

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