Dazen Solution For Elevator Modernization

All Elevators Will Eventually Need to Be Modernized

Generally, elevators have a service life of about 20 years. As time increases, elevators begin to age, parts deteriorate, systems become outdated, and the maintenance costs of elevators increase. At this point, it is necessary to modernize the elevator, replace parts and upgrade components to improve the safety and value of the elevator.

At Dazen Elevator, we own the best electric and mechanical engineers, making us rich experience and capabilities in modernizing elevators for notable brands both well-known and non-known brands, also offer a wide range of services. Here you can renew your elevator and escalator with prefect product experience but low cost.

elevator modernization

Why Choose Dazen Elevator Modernization?

Elevator Brands We Can Modernize

Dazen own best electric and mechanical engineers, make us have Rich Experience For all famous and non famous elevator and escalator brand, such as Otis, Kone, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Thyssenkrupp, Hyundai, Fujitech,Cany, etc.


Our elevator modernization solutions ensure that all your needs are meet your budget, not only to improve the reliability, energy efficiency, ride comfort and aesthetics of your elevator, but also to bring it up to the latest technology and design.

Types of Elevator Modernization


Elevator Electrical System Modernization

Elevator electrical system is the core for elevator, with the replacement for it, elevator will come younger again. Modernization may include replacing outdated or malfunctioning electrical components, such as controllers, motors, and wiring, and incorporating new technologies, such as advanced sensors and monitoring systems. Electrical system elevator modernization aims to ensure that the elevator operates optimally and is safe for passengers.


Control System Modernization

This process can include replacing outdated technology with newer, more advanced systems that offer improved performance, reliability, and safety features. It can also include integrating new technologies such as internet of things (IoT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance monitoring and control capabilities.


Cabin and Door Modernization

A common problem is that the mechanical system of your elevator is still in good condition, but the cabin interior is worn and outdated. Dazen offers a range of modern and durable cabin design options and accessories for you to choose from. 

A cabin upgrade wraps:

 ● Ceiling panels

 ● Lighting

 ● Buttons

 ● Wall plate

 ● Cushion plate

 ● Handrails and buffers

 ● Flooring

 ● Door

Montanari Elevator Lift Gearless Traction Motor

Traction Modernization

The traction machine is the most important piece of equipment in the operation of an elevator. Replacing worn out and obsolete traction machines is critical to the safety and comfort of elevators.

● We offer geared traction machines, gearless traction machines and steel belt traction machines.

● More efficient, low energy consumption, and real green energy saving.

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