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Dazen is a China elevator and escalator manufacturer since 2014. Our product series which includes passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, home elevators, hospital elevators, freight elevators, escalators, and all kinds of components, which safely move you through low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings. All products are qualified with ISO9001-2000, ISO14000, CE certification. Contact us today to request a free quote or more information.

We Provide All Types Of Elevator

Commerical elevator

Passenger Elevator

We satisfy the client’s requirements with accurate, effective, flexible, rational, and systematic control. It is widely applicable for residences, office buildings, hotels, traffic hubs, shopping centers, and public buildings. etc.


Home Elevator

It is exclusively designed for personal space, to create harmonious and comfortable lives. As one of the important components of the family, the home elevator creates a quality experience where the floor space is interacted and makes the whole villa space designed appropriately.

hospital elevator

Hospital Elevator

Multiple safety designs effectively reduce any accidents. Therefore, disabled patients can safely enter into/exit the hospital, etc. It is applicable to hospitals.

Quality Electric Freight Elevator Cargo Elevator Lift Heavy Duty

Freight Elevator

The super capacity of vertical space transportation handles complicated matters with ease Building a free passage for bulk goods DAZEN freight elevator series products with excellent quality, reliable technology Brings unlimited possibilities for cargo transportation in vertical space.

panoramic elevator

Panoramic Elevator

It fulfills a most attractive vision through the transparent car design. It fully sets forth beauty in modern cities. It is widely applicable for hotels, shopping centers, public buildings, and so on.



Dumbwaiter are generally divided into windowsill type (window type) and floor type (cart type), It's mainly used in restaurants, hotels, villas and other public places

double deck elevator china

High-Rise Elevator

Dazen specializes in high-rise elevator technology and services. Our high-rise elevators are customized to complement building design while maintaining functionality.

mid rise elevator

Mid-Rise Elevator

Our mid-rise elevator solutions ensure that your operations run smoothly and that your tenants or guests are satisfied. We understand that each project has its unique requirements, and that’s why we offer customizable elevators that can be adapted to meet your space limitations, local regulations, and frequency of use.

low-rise elevator

Low-Rise Elevator

Our low-rise elevator is designed for buildings with a small number of floors, typically 2 to 4, that cater to the mobility needs of tenants, customers, students, or patients.

Escalator and Moving Walkway



Dazen escalator has integrated with domestic and foreign advanced technologies to constantly pursue the improvement in technique and perfect in detail. Meanwhile it combines the safety, practicability, durabilityand visual aesthetics to bring more comfortable and convenient experience for people.

airport moving walkway

Moving Walkway

Dazen moving walk adopts humanized design, introducing advanced techniques into aspects of the product to provide perfect large passenger flow solutions for various public spaces, In urban public spaces, it can provide conveniences for people.

Customization Service

Mainly We offer Dazen Brand to our customer, sure we also provide OEM and ODM service for our partner, currently Dazen Elevator have been provide a lot OEM and ODM service, Such as FUJI, SANYO, our high standard advanced production system has won credit from world top famous brand.

With our ability, Dazen Elevator can fully assist you build premium elevator brand, A more stronger and high quality brand to win the market.

More over we can help design your own brand,so everything will be on your own hand,also protect your after-service income.

Advanced Quality Inspection

Initial Inspection

Details determine the quality

Cabin & Door Inspection

Make sure no problem for cabin and door

Controller & Motor Inspection

Make sure no problem controller and motor

Strong ERP Production System

Neat and beautiful packaging embodied in every place


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