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Residential Elevator and a Home Elevator

How to Buy Affordable Home Elevators?

Have you ever thought of effortlessly grinding between the stories of your home, adding an element of luxury and convenience to your daily life? Well, I certainly have, and the good news is that it’s no longer just a dream! Today, we’re excited to introduce

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What Is a Double-Sided Elevator?

In the ever-evolving world of architectural design, space efficiency and optimizing traffic flow has become dominant. However, maximizing space efficiency is quite a challenge when installing a vertical transportation especially in high foot traffic areas. There Is an innovation that addresses this- introducing the double-sided

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elevator ucmp

The Latest Elevator Standard EN 81-20

EN 81-20 is a standard developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that specifies safety requirements for newly installed elevators. This standard is designed to ensure that elevators meet the highest safety standards during design, manufacture, and installation, providing users with a safe and

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The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Elevators

Choosing an elevator system for a hotel differs significantly from selecting a residential building elevator. For residential buildings, elevator only needs to meet the basic need accessing floors with ease.
However, hotel elevators require much more because they are part of your investment portfolio.

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Function of a Hospital Elevator

Why Do Elevators in Hospital Open On One Side?

If you’ve ever taken a closer look at elevators, you might notice that elevators in residential and commercial buildings typically use center open doors. Hospital elevators, in contrastd, ofen use telescopic open doors.

Why is this difference in design? Dazen’s engineers will provide you insight.

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elevators modernization

Elevator Modernization Cost

Typically, modernizing an elevator is necessary after 10 to 20 years, depending on its condition, to ensure it remains safe. This brings us to the cost of elevator modernization. There is no fixed price for elevator modernization.

Overall, elevator modernization cost ranges from $5,000 to

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Service Elevator vs. Freight Elevator

Choosing the right type of elevator for your needs is crucial. While passenger elevators are sufficient for most buildings, specific projects require special elevators. These special elevators include service elevators and freight elevators.
In this blog, we will take a look at the key differences

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Standard Elevator Dimensions: Car, Shaft, Door Size

When planning and building an elevator, standard elevator measurements are an essential reference point. The dimensions include the elevator car’s size, the openings of the doors, and other important parts. Conformity with these standards guarantees conformity with accessibility needs, space efficiency, and construction codes.

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