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Perfect Details Create Leading Elevator

Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator

We satisfy the client’s requirements through accurate, effective, flexible, rational, and systematic control. It is widely applicable to residences, office buildings, hotel, traffic hub, shopping center, public buildings etc.

Glass Elevator

Panoramic Elevator

It fulfills a most attractive vision through the transparent car design. It fully sets forth beauty in modern cities. It is widely applicable to hotel, shopping centers, public buildings and so on.

Home Elevator

Home Elevator

It is exclusively designed for personal space, to create harmonious and comfortable lives. As one of the important components of the family, the home elevaror creates the quality experience.



DAZEN escalator has integrated with domestic and foreign advanced technologies to constantly pursue the improvement in technique and perfect in detail.


Elevator Components

CE Certificate Residential Elevator Price Lifts Elevator Passenger Elevator Lift Price China Wholesale
Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator Lift Price Construction Lift with Small Shaft and High Speed
Apartment Elevator
Round panoramic elevator
Panoramic Elevator
escalator manufacturer


Dazen is a leading Elevator, Escalator and parts full solution provider. Our customer mainly is Elevator Distributor, Construction company, Elevator Manufacturer and Modernization. With high level technical team from Otis and Stylish design, we have been export to more than 50 Countries.

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World Top 10 Quality

Why Choose Dazen Elevator

Our products are Qualified with ISO9001-2000、ISO14000、CE certification ec. We build relationship with customer come from European,Middle East,South American,South East Asia.And also we finished lots of project both in domestic and overseas.

Top Award Engineer

With top award engineer from Otis, advance R & D technology, ensure the best quality and technology.

Advanced Production

Advanced ERP high standard production system high grade brand take care all details, never missing spare parts.

Top 10 Quality

Powerful elevator technology makes us working with many famous brand such as Fuji, Sanyo, high great brand with low price.

Excellent Service

Customer experience is our first goal, with “0” quality complain and fast response, take care all details for our partner.

Certificate For Elevator and Escalator


Dazen provides installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and other projects in many countries around the world.

Customer Review

We have all types of customers around the world, including elevator manufacturers, assemblers, modernizers, and distributors. 

Listen to what they have to say about us.

dazen customer review
dazen customer review

Elevator & Escalator Knowledge

Read our blog, get elevator and escalator insight, elevator knowledge, and articles about our partners.

Service Elevator vs. Freight Elevator

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Dazen Elevator: Strict European Elevator Safety Standard

Why Should You Choose An Elevator Supplier With Strict European Safety Standards? Elevators are a common tool in our daily lives, and if the safety of elevators is not guaranteed, serious accidents can occur. For example, we often see scenes in the movies where the elevator is running to a

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