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With Key point for mission and vision, Dazen is not only come a best producer for elevator and escalator. but also with idea bring customer prefect product experience, makes us become a best partner for construction company.

The Key Points Match Your Needs From Dazen Elevator

1. Local installation and after-sale service, concern your need.

2. Top 10 quality with competitive price.

3. Best nonstandard provider, whether it is small shaft, heavy load, high speed or low headroom.

4. Prefect customer experience and product experience.

Dazen elevator not only focus on best elevator and escalator provider, but also installation and after-service support. we think the only way to create perfect customer experience is take care of all details, such as production, delivery, installation, end customer felling, all link to be perfect. So we establish relationship with more than 300 premium installation partners all over the world.

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Elevators are an important part of construction projects. What are the precautions for elevator purchases? How to purchase elevators from China? These are all important. The following is an introduction to the precautions for purchasing elevators.

What Are The Precautions For Elevator Purchases?

1. Confirm The Elevator Type

When planning a building, the use of the building should be clearly defined, because the types of elevators used in different buildings such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, houses or factories often differ greatly, and once they are determined, it is very troublesome to change them again.


2. Confirm The Main Shaft Parameters

Aft er the building use is confirmed, an analysis should be made according to the building area, building height, the flow of people in and out, the location of the elevator in the building and other factors, so as to determine the elevator speed, load capacity, the number of elevator units required, the type of machine room (large machine room, small machine room, no machine room), traction machine and so on.


3.Design Drawings and Measurement

Different elevator manufacturers have different requirements for shaft design dimensions, machine room and pit, so you need to send the elevator requirements to the supplier and make drawings according to the supplier’s requirements. 

Machine Room Passenger Elevator Machine Room Passenger Elevator Construction

How to Choose An Excellent Elevator Supplier From China?

1. Choose An Elevator Company Who Have Very Good After Service
Who can feedback you in fast way all time, engineer have wide experience for testing and commission, not ask you look at the manual, ask supplier experience how they service other customer, neither show you video or chat record.

2. Choose A Company Who Do Not Have Missing Parts or Wrong Production After Delivery
we know well may 90% elevator company have missing parts, this will bring problem for ending customer, even factory promise you will sending by DHL, customer have to wait, and the elevator can not use.
Check the company packing list is very strictly even show one small screw, and they have system how to avoid missing parts.

3. Well-Established Certification
All the main core parts Such as Elevator Motor,Controller, Safety Parts, Door, Cable, must be EN81-20 and 50, EN115 standard, this may become a point for selling.

4. Competitive Price
Price is also very important help you to win, it is very important to get a competitive price from your elevator partner. Dazen is maintaining an excellent cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. That’s why we have the same elevator formula as Otis and Kone, but at 60% lower prices.

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