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A freight elevator is designed specifically for carrying goods, and it’s commonly found in commercial buildings, industrial plants, logistics centers, and warehouses. Its main purpose is to make the transportation of heavy cargo, such as forklifts, pallets, and containers, convenient and efficient.

The car of a freight elevator is characterized by its long and narrow shape. Safety is a top priority, and as such, it is equipped with various safety devices, such as heavy load protection systems, limit switches, and safety doors. These devices monitor and safeguard the elevator’s operation, preventing accidents from occurring.

Unlike passenger elevators that focus on decoration, freight elevators prioritize functionality. The car is designed using durable materials like crash strips and painted steel plates. This ensures it can withstand the rough handling of goods and the frequent use it experiences. Moreover, freight elevators can be customized to suit different industries’ needs. For instance, the size of the car can be adjusted, and additional cargo securing facilities can be added.

Dazen is a professional freight elevators manufacturer in China.  Our freight elevators are specially designed to meet the requirement for heavy load according to demands of various commercial buildings and industrial buildings. We have advanced elevator technology, and the maximum freight elevator load can reach 10,000KG.

While meeting the cargo delivery of factories, production lines, warehouse, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places, they are more safe, stable and eco-friendly with high efficiency and energy -saving effect, and ultimately provide you with ideal cost-effective solution.

Main Parameter

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Relying on the outstanding travel performance, it is competent to various transport takes under various harsh conditions. It is widely applicable for office building, hotel, traffic hub, shopping center, factory etc.

Class A Freight Elevator

Class A freight elevators are commonly used for lifting goods that do not exceed one-fourth of the elevator's rated capacity. They can be operated manually or with the assistance of a cart to transport goods to and from the car platform.

Class B Freight Elevator

Class B freight elevator, also known as a car elevator, is used to transport a car from one floor to another with a load not exceeding the rated capacity of the elevator.

Class C1 Freight Elevator

Class C1 freight elevators can be operated with four-wheeled vehicles for loading and unloading the elevator, with the total weight of the vehicle and goods not exceeding the rated load capacity, and can be driven onto the platform as a whole.

Class C2 Freight Elevator

Class C2 freight elevators have a load capacity between that of C1 and C3 elevators. They can handle loads of up to 150% of their rated load capacity, allowing for the use of forklift trucks to load goods.

Class C3 Freight Elevator

Class C3 freight elevators are the largest category in the classification system and are capable of handling heavy and mass cargo transportation, including truck loading. During loading and unloading, the rated load must not be exceeded.

Key Features

Larger Door Opening Space​

With multifold door structure and maximized door opening, makes voluminous cargo access freely.

The Multiple Door Opening Modes

Our freight elevators have 4 door opening modes: two panel silding door, center-opening & double-folded type, single way door, and double way door, meet your various needs.

Strong and Durable

With the adoption and high-strength materials, the elevator car can carry all kinds of cargo. The super capacity of vertical space transportation handles complicated matters with ease Building a free passage for bulk goods.

A Few Freight Elevator Cases

We have exported to more than 50 countries. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

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