3 Hotel Elevators Ordered by Ethiopia Customer

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Our customer is an Ethiopia tender and construction company, they established a connection with us in August 2016 and were looking for a lot tender project and 3 set 19floor 1.75m/s passenger elevators machine roomless. The customer requires very good quality for his own hotel for overseas Embassy officials, it requires a fire rated door with IC card and Surveyor design, local measurement service before production and installation, and after service on time with low cost.

Project LocationAddis Abeba
Product3 × passenger elevator
Project TypeHotel
ShippingWe ship total 1×40HQ
Project Time2018

For This Project, The Customer’s Requirements Include:

● 3 passenger 19-floor hotel elevators, including installation support

● High quality and premium brand

● Modern and fashion design

● local installation service —shaft measurement before order

Our Solution

Because the top floor reserved for the elevator has become a non-standard elevator on the lower top floor due to the change of the building. Under the advice of technicians, give the best elevator solution.

Packaging & Delivery

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