5 Sets of Escalators Ordered By Brazil Car Mall

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Our client, a large builder construction company in Brazil, contacted us in October 2022 and was looking for 5 escalators for a car mall. Complete the project and install it within 6 months. Due to the bidding of the project, although our prices are not the cheapest, our quality and factory, certificates and services provided, and even the brand parts of various accessories and the final installation package The goods are all done very meticulously, and finally, the customer chooses to cooperate with us, and there are two escalators for another project, the customer is also ready to cooperate with us

Project LocationBrazil
Product5 ×Escalators
Project TypeMall
ShippingWe ship total 5×40HQ in 09/02/ 2023
Project Time2022.12.1

For This Project, Our Customer’s Requirements Include:

For this project, the client’s requirements included:

  • escalator manufacturer
  • The price is right, the brand parts are guaranteed
  • The packing list is very detailed
  • Replacement branded parts are available, easily available in local markets
  • Two years free guarantee

Our Solution

  1. Our escalator factory not only makes its own Dazen brand but also can do OEM for Thyssen and Fuji.
  2. The complete elevator projects can be used as a reference, whether it is technical or installation.
  3. Provided customers with quotations for two sets of.
  4. Detailed installation packing list and delivery information.

Escalator Production & Inspection

Project Renderings

On-Site Installation

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