8Set Elevators for Saudi Arabia Hotel

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Exterior Damman With FUJISU Brand

Our client is a hotel group located in Saudi Arabia, they have a new resort hotel project in Dammam, the hotel has a total of 5 floors high, needs to install 8 passenger elevators, the project started in 2022, 2023 is officially open for business. After many comparisons, the customer finally chose to cooperate with Dazen Elevator, because Dazen can meet their needs well in terms of both quality and price, and it has a local installation team. All the elevators have passed CE certification.

Project LocationSaudi Arabia
Product8 × Hotel elevator
Project TypeHotel
ShippingOn 18th April 2023
Project TimeOctober 2022

For This Project, The Customer’s Requirements Include:

  • 8 Sets of Hotel Passenger Elevators
  • OEM FUJISU elevator brand
  • 5 floor height, machine room less
  • 2-year warranty

Elevator Installation

The Hotel

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