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The Importance of Elevators in Apartments

An apartment is a leased housing unit that typically accommodates tenants. However, the absence of elevators can make apartments challenging to rent. It inconveniences tenants in their daily activities such as navigating the building and moving furniture. So it is financially beneficial for owners to install elevators.

There are numerous reliable solutions available to facilitate the smooth movement of tenants throughout the building. Nothing beats fast and easy transitioning during busy mornings and evenings. These solutions aim to minimize wait times, ensure dependable transportation, and provide a comfortable ride. By incorporating these amenities, you can maximize the benefits of renting and selling your apartments.

Dazen Elevator is here to improve your living experience as an apartment owner with its latest and best elevator technology solutions. Our dedication to excellence and years of testified expertise assure us of our ability to cover all your custom-made elevator requirements.

What Type of Elevator is Suitable for an Apartment

There are two key types of elevators: traction elevators and hydraulics elevators. Traction elevators have a continuous cable loop system driven by a motor to control the Elevator’s up-and-down movements. Traction elevators and hydraulic elevators can be created as stand-alone systems that do not require a separate machine room for the motor and associated equipment.


Traction elevators and hydraulic elevators can be created as stand-alone systems that do not require a separate machine room for the motor and associated equipment.

For low-rise to mid-rise apartment buildings (typically up to 12 floors), Machine Room Less traction elevators offer several advantages:


Space Efficiency
A traditional elevator needs a separate machine room, resulting in a loss of usable space that could be used for apartments, hallways, or other common areas inside the building. The MRL traction elevator eliminates the need for shafts. The traction equipment needed for a standard elevator is located within the hoistway (elevator shaft), substantially increasing the available space.


Cost Savings
The lack of a dedicated machine room in an MRL elevator means the installation costs should be lower than those of other elevators.

Moreover, the simpler structure construction and the permanent magnet motors utilization in lightweight rapid transit systems could decrease the maintenance costs.


Energy Efficiency
The fact that MRL elevators use permanent magnet motors, which are well known for their higher energy efficiency, is undisputed compared to the old traction motors found in conventional elevators.

As a result, the building will have lower energy demand and maintenance costs.

Factors Affecting Apartment Elevator Prices

Number of floors the Elevator will service

By definition, elevators are evaluated based on each landing, and it follows that an apartment tower has more elevators than a smaller building and is, therefore, more expensive.

Capacity and size
The size and heaviness of the load capacity of the Elevator determines the cost. You can decide how much you want to spend.

Amenities and finishes
Fabricating custom details such as doors, lighting, and interior design increases the final billing.

How Much Does An Apartment Elevator Cost?

Standard Hydraulic Elevator (low-rise building, 2-3 floors)

Between $4,000 to $12,000.

Hydraulic Elevator (typical for low-rise buildings, up to 6 floors)
Between $18,000 and $35,000.

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevator (low-rise and mid-rise buildings, up to 12 floors)
Between $18000 – $35000

Gearless Traction Elevator (high-rise buildings)
The costs range from $50,000 for the landing to upwards, and the amount can go up depending on the addition of features and space requirements.

Geared Traction Elevator
The cost starts from $50,000. ( $20,000 per landing).

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