Capsule Elevator

Besides letting you conveniently move to different floors, capsule elevators give an aesthetic look to your prestigious building and architectural marvels. Its glass viewing panel tones every home interior design and magnifies its appearance. 

Also, the capsule elevator comes in different sizes, so you can choose as needed. So, if you desire to install a premium quality capsule elevator in your home, Dazen Elevator will be a great choice.

From small to large size, we provide all types of capsule lifts with unmatched experience. To help you install your desired elevator conveniently, we have affordable prices and experienced professionals.

Features of Capsule Elevator

Simply go through the following content to know why a capsule elevator is an exceptional choice for you:

✸ Panoramic Design

With exquisite craftsmanship and glass panels, the capsule lift adds style and elegance to a space. It changes the whole view and makes the place look gorgeous.

✸ Easy to Install

It requires less time to be installed, so you don’t need to wait weeks and months to install it. Unlike other elevators, you don’t need high-profile machinery to set up it.

✸ Affordable Option

Since the capsule elevator is equipped with modern technology and doesn’t require supreme gadgets to install, it’s an affordable option to other elevators.

✸ Less Maintenance

Installing a capsule elevator in your home doesn’t require high or regular maintenance. Usually, it needs to be maintained annually. So, install it if you want elegance, affordability, and minimum maintenance.

✸ Long-Lasting Usage

At Dazen Elevator, every part of the capsule elevator is strategically designed and comes in supreme quality. It ensures high quality, so you can keep using it for years without wasting your money to buy a new one.

Different Types of Capsule Elevator

Capsule elevators are categorized into different types based on different factors, and all are defined below: 

Design & Structure

Based on design and structure, the capsule lift is divided into the following three types:
Round Capsule Elevator: Crafted in a circular shape, it has a 360° angle view to see anywhere while staying in the lift.
Oval Capsule Elevator: It's designed in an oval shape and has a 365-degree view angle.
Rectangular/Square Capsule Elevator: Built-in transparent walls on three sides, it is the most common type of capsule lift. 

Drive Mechanism

Hydraulic Capsule Lift: Perfect for low to high-rise buildings, the capsule elevator uses a hydraulic system to operate.
Traction Capsule Lift: It's used for high-rise buildings and works with synchronous motors.

Load Capacity

Passenger Capsule Elevator: This type of capsule life is operated for carrying passengers from one floor to another.
Freight Capsule Elevator: It's not common in capsule design. However, only a few people use this capsule lift for carrying small goods.

Capasule Elevator FAQs

As discussed earlier, capsule elevator helps you easily move from different floors while giving an elegant touch to the nearby area. It’s available in different types so the individual can choose the one that best fits to the requirements. 

What are capsule elevator dimensions?

The capsule elevator dimensions vary on its capacity and design. For example, a capsule elevator for 4-6 persons is 1.3m x 1.5m (width x depth) and has approximately 1.4m x 1.8m dimensions for 8-10 persons. 

What is the capsule elevator price range?

Based on capacity, finish, and region, a capsule price ranges from $6,000 to $25,000 (basic to high-end versions). 

Do the capsule elevators make noise?

Normally, a capsule elevator doesn’t produce noise. However, bad installation and maintenance cause the noise. For example, a capsule lift will make a sound if it’s not set up correctly.

What is a small capsuleelevator size?

Usually, a small capsule life has around 1.3m x 1.5m (width x depth) and can accommodate 4-6 people.

Are capsule elevators safe and reliable?

Yes, capsule elevators are safe and reliable if properly installed and maintained. 

How much space is required for a capsule lift?

Depending on the capsule lift capacity, a space of approximately 1.3m x 1.5m to 1.4 x 1.8m is required. However, you might need additional places for machinery and shaft. 

What is the speed of capsule lift?

Based on installation and intended usage, the capsule lift speeds between 1 m/s to 2.5 m/s. High-rise installation might have faster speed.

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