Cargo Elevator Shipped to Dominica

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The client is an architect for a construction project and was looking to purchase a cargo elevator for their warehouse, which led them to contact us. At the initial communication stage, the client didn’t have enough trust in us, as they were also in talks with several other suppliers. However, after a Chinese friend of the client personally visited our factory for an on-site inspection and checked our CE and TUV certifications, the client was convinced of our professionalism and the high quality of our products. In the end, we successfully secured the project.

Project LocationDominican Republic
Product1 Unit Cargo Elevator
Project TypeOffice Building
ShippingWe ship a total of 1×40HQ
Project TimeJuly 2022

For This Project, The Customer’s Requirements Include:

  • 1 unit cargo elevator
  • Higher quality and service
  • Machine room (MRL)
  • Local installation

Elevator Testing

Packaging & Shipping

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