Elevator Modernization For A University In Chile

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We are excited to announce that we have completed an elevator modernization project for a university in Chile!

Our dedicated team completely upgraded the elevator traction machine, control system, COP, LOP, disabled operation panel, car door, and landing door. These improvements have significantly boosted the elevator’s safety and efficiency.

We are honored to contribute to this iconic school.

Project LocationChile
Project750kg 7 Floor Elevator Modernization
Elevator BrandOld Otis Selectron
Modernization ProductsTraction machine, Control system, COP, LOP, Disabled Operation Panel, Car door, and Landing door
Project TimeDec 2023

For This Project, Our Modernization Includes:

  1. Replacing the control system with the state-of-the-art Monarch controller
  2. Replacing a new Torindrive traction machine
  3. Customizing the COP with the customer’s logo
  4. Adding a disabled operation panel (the disabled operation panel and COP were installed on the same side as the customer’s request)
  5. Replacing all car doors and landing doors with brand-new ones

Modernization Completed

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