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Every elevator, escalator and moving walkway must undergo regular maintenance to ensure its safety and availability. The most important aspect of elevator repair and maintenance is the accuracy of the gap and relative position of each component, timely tightening of loose parts and replacement of worn out components.

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Importance of Elevator Maintenance

The main service object of the elevator is human, it accepts human instruction and completes the service to humans. Therefore, the maintenance of elevators must be aimed at ensuring the safe operation of elevators.

Although modern elevators are equipped with various safety protection devices, these are the only protection measures taken by the elevator in operation to avoid accidents. If the safe operation of the elevator is based on the protection of its safety devices only and relaxes the comprehensive maintenance, it is not right. Moreover, the safety protection devices are subject to routine inspection and maintenance and periodic testing. The elevator is in the process of frequent use, the normal wear and tear is inevitable, the key is to timely detection and timely maintenance, otherwise, the wear and tear will be from quantitative to qualitative changes, accelerating the damage to the machine parts, the failure rate will be significantly higher, and the emergence of the failure means the existence of potential accidents.

Elevator repair and maintenance requirements

Elevator maintenance encompasses several crucial aspects, including daily cleaning and maintenance, lubrication, and adjustment of fastenings. These fundamental maintenance tasks constitute a substantial portion of the overall maintenance workload for elevators and play a key role in ensuring their safe and normal operation.

Consistent and meticulous attention to these basic maintenance tasks has been proven to significantly enhance the reliability of elevator operation. By adhering to these practices, the failure rate is noticeably reduced, contributing to maintaining the elevator in a better operational state and allowing it to fulfill its intended functions effectively.

To repair and maintain the elevator, the following five points must be done:

1. Insist On Daily Inspection

Through the walk-around monitoring of the elevator’s operation status, master the lubrication of each main part, temperature rise, operation sound, instrument indication and signal display of the actual situation, exclude anomalies promptly, and have a clear idea of the elevator’s operation status.

2. Adhere to Regular Maintenance

According to the working characteristics and maintenance requirements of each part of the elevator, carry out targeted cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and necessary fastening and repair in weekly, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly or annual manner, to keep the elevator in good working condition.

3. Adhere to Planned Maintenance

The daily maintenance of the elevator and the frequent use of the elevator, determine the project and time of the major and medium repair. Decompose, clean, check and repair all parts of the elevator, replace the parts and components that are seriously worn out and can not be used and aged, so as to make the elevator reach the due technical performance and working condition and prolong the service life of the elevator.

4. Adhere to The Annual Safety Technology Inspection

Through the comprehensive standardized inspection of the safety system and overall performance of the elevator by the local government authorities once a year to make up for the shortage of manpower and technical inspection means of the elevator users. Through the inspection and rectification of problems, ensure the safety of the elevator.

5. Adhere to Standardized Use Management

The safety use management, technical file management, maintenance personnel, and elevator driver’s professional training and assessment, etc., must be standardized, and rules to follow. Elevator maintenance personnel should remain relatively stable.

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