Flat Escalator

Dazen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Flat Escalator in China, offering models with 0° and 12° inclinations.

Adhering to international standards and incorporating cutting-edge materials and technologies. Dazen produces escalators with exquisite appearance and delicate structure, featuring smooth running, low noise, durability and easy maintenance. They are widely used in shopping malls, subways, airports and other places with high passenger flow.

The advantages of our escalator differ from other suppliers:

1. We have CE Certification and our factory supply for Thyssenkrupp.

2. The escalator controller brand is Monarch, the motor is JIALI, the contactor is SCHNEIDER, the handrail is SEMPERIT.
3. To avoid accidents, the structure is strong and double-way protection for safety.
4. We configured two sensors to protect the escalator wheel and chain.
5. Speed monitor and switch to protect handrail.
6. Complete one whole pcs class guide rail. Not separate like other suppliers.
7. Step plate 4.5mm, some suppliers use 2.5mm. (In page 12)
8. Material: A. Use angle Iron with low noise and will be stronger. No like others use steel plates.
9. The outdoor escalator frame is 1.5mm hairline stainless steel, and the decoration is 1.2mm 304 stainless steel.  Most suppliers will use 430 stainless iron.
10. Even for each screw, we all use stainless steel screws to avoid rust.

11. Manual and videos and Our engineers with Otis working experience can guide online.
12. The leading time is 30 days—fast delivery.

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