Kosovo Customer Is Installing 10 Fashion Designed Hotel Elevators and Escalators

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Our customer is one of the biggest investment company in Prishtina, Kosovo, which hold the highest building for hotel locally. We start discussing in 2016, finally, after two years we start to make contract but the customer is very sensitive not trust anyone, cause this is the first time that he imported from china, makes a lot of unreasonable policies in LC which our bank did not accept, the customer is very angry about this and want to cancel the order, we try all way to prove us sincerely, also invite them visit our factory, after meeting everything comes very easy, also we are very good partner and friends.

Project LocationPrishtina, Kosovo
Product6 × passenger elevator and 4Set Escalator
Project TypeLocal Highest Building
ShippingWe ship total of 7×40HQ
Project TimeMay 2018

For This Project, Our Customer’s Requirements Include:

 3 Sets 25Floor 2.5m/s Passenger Elevator and 3Set 6Floor Elevator, 4 Set Escalator

 High quality like Otis with 120 Fire Rate

 Modern and Fashion Design

Our Solution

Advanced ERP production high level system , high speed achievement, takes care all details, makes customer feel satisfy with all details.

Installation Video

Loading Picture for Elevator

Loading Picture For Escalator

The Building

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