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A low-rise elevator is designed for buildings with a small number of floors, typically 2 to 4. Unlike high-rise elevators designed to move people and goods quickly up and down tall buildings, low-rise elevators operate at a slower speed and are often more straightforward in design. They are commonly used in small commercial buildings, residential buildings, and low-rise hotels.


Dazen Elevator offers low-rise elevator solutions that cater to the mobility needs of tenants, customers, students, or patients. Our range of elevator products is specifically designed for low-rise buildings and can be customized to meet your unique architectural requirements, specifications, and preferences.


Irrespective of the building size or the number of systems you intend to install, Dazen Elevator ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of your chosen products. Trust us to provide the elevator solutions you need to keep your building’s occupants moving seamlessly. 

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Low-rise elevators typically have lower speeds than high-rise elevators, as they don’t need to travel as far. They generally travel at speeds of 0.5 -1m/s.

Building Height

Low-rise elevators are designed for buildings with fewer floors, typically 2 to 4 floors. These elevators are not suitable for high-rise buildings, just like our Home elevators.


Low-rise elevators usually have a lower capacity than high-rise elevators, with most elevators accommodating up to 1,000 to 3,500 pounds of weight. However, this can vary depending on the elevator model.


Low-rise elevators tend to be smaller than high-rise elevators, as they don’t need to transport as many people or as much weight. These elevators are designed to fit in smaller spaces.

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We have exported to more than 50 countries. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationships with customers who come from European, Middle East, South America, South East Asia.

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Low-rise elevators are essential for buildings with fewer floors, providing safe and efficient transportation for people and goods. At Dazen Elevators, we offer a wide range of low-rise home elevators and hospital, freight, and panoramic elevators, which can all be modified for low-rise use. 

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