MR Vs. MRL Elevator: Which is Better for Your Home?

Installing a home elevator to the villa has become a trend for villa owners to decorate their beautiful homes nowadays. Having a home elevator can greatly enhance the living experience of the residents. Traditionally, elevators were associated with a separate machine room. However, the mainstream home elevator on the market are machine roomless. This raises the question: What are the benefits of opting for a machine-room-less home elevator? What advantages does it offer?

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What is Machine Room Less Elevator?

The concept of a machine-room-less elevator involves the downsizing of traditional elevator machinery while upholding operational efficiency. This entails relocating the control box, traction motor, limiter, and related components from the conventional machine room to the top or side of the elevator shaft. This strategic placement retains performance standards while concurrently economizing on machine room space. Notably, a machine-room-less elevator requires only a control cabinet, eliminating the necessity for a dedicated machine room. This innovation substantially minimizes indoor space occupation, providing a pragmatic solution for optimizing available rooms.

Why Choose a Machine-Room-Less Elevator for Your Home?

1. Saving Space, Convenient Installation

The machine room of the elevator is usually set at the top of the shaft, which occupies a large space. The biggest advantage of the machine room-less elevator is space saving, which only requires the establishment of a maintenance platform under the elevator mainframe. It can realize the integration of home elevator shaft and produce more beautiful and simple design.

2. Architectural Freedom

Because there is no need for a machine room, there is a very great advantage in the structure of the building, and the freedom of building design is greater. At the same time, it reduces the conflict between the elevator and the indoor space of the building, which has great advantages in the installation.

For many owners, it is unacceptable to arrange a machine room for the installation of a home elevator. The elevator without a machine room only needs a control cabinet, and the control cabinet is beautiful, like a common household appliance indoors, which is easier to be accepted by the owners.

3. Saving Cost

The overall cost of a machine-room-less home elevator is lower, and the lack of a machine room saves on the cost of erecting this part of the machine room and the construction costs. The range of installations has more options and is more flexible.

Of course, machine-room-less elevators are not without their drawbacks, the most significant of which is the noise problem.

However, Dazen machine-room-less home elevator effectively addresses this issue. Our home elevator, for instance, maintains a noise level below 48dB, a considerable improvement compared to international standards. This accomplishment is attributed to the exceptional quality and precision of our Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) host machine, ensuring a remarkably comfortable elevator ride.

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