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An observation elevator is a special lift that adds elegance and style to mundane elevators. It has a transparent side or window that overlooks a scenic or panoramic view. These elevators look elegant and offer the same convenience.

The design and style of observational sightseeing elevators can change according to the user’s needs. For example, some passenger observation elevators might have one sightseeing side. Others might have three observation sides made from see-through material. You can find different variations of these elevators in high-end hotels, malls, restaurants, and other multi-story buildings.

We at DAZEN Elevators manufacture and service all types of observation elevators at the most affordable rates. Please contact us today to get your custom observation elevators for malls, residential buildings, and hotels.

Types of Observation Elevator

Relying on the outstanding travel performance, it is competent to various transport takes under various harsh conditions. It is widely applicable for office building, hotel, traffic hub, shopping center, factory etc.

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Single Directional

Elevators that offer a view from only one side, usually the front, and are more commonly used everywhere.

Indoor Panoramic Sightseeing Circular Glass Elevator Lift HSDT-G1012

Two Directional

These offer a view from two sides, usually the front and back, or left and right.

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Tri Directional

These elevators have three sides open for observation, usually the front and two sides.

Indoor Panoramic Sightseeing Circular Glass Elevator Lift DZ-G01

Quad Directional

These types of elevators have transparent walls on all sides.

Manufacturer Price for Indoor Panoramic Sightseeing Circular Glass Elevator Lift


These circular obsevation elevators have see through walls on all sides, except the back wall.


These are luxurious and regal elevators with a panoramic observation effect which allows a 360-degree viewing angle.

What Are Observation Elevators Made From?

Observation elevators are made from durable metal alloys and plexiglass or glass. The different types of observation glass designs allow passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the building while they ride to their destination.
These elevators might also have other ornamental elements, which give them a high decorative value. The other materials of the observation lift maintain the same standards and rigidity of everyday elevators. 

How Much Do Observation Elevators Cost?

An observation elevator can cost between $12,000 and $30,000. The price changes based on the loading capacity and the design. Intricate elevators with more observation places cost more compared to standard observation elevator.
Delicate machines like observation elevators require materials of the highest levels of quality. While this is great, it may also place an additional burden on your budget. At DAZEN Elevators, we offer the best observation elevators at the most affordable price.

How Long Does it Take to Install an Observation Elevator?

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to install an observation elevator. The installation period can change slightly by a week or a few days depending on the type of installation and building. DAZEN Elevator can help you install your favorite observation elevator seamlessly without delays.

Considerations for Installing Observation Elevators

Here are some things that you should consider before installing observation elevators:

Space: Based on their capacity, observation elevators may take a lot of space. Please consider the location and space requirements for your desired observation elevator. We can help you determine these space needs.

Loading Capacity: Style without functionality is useless. Calculate the average amount of traffic that will use your elevator and choose a loading capacity accordingly. Give your passengers a great view and enough room to breathe.

Open Sides: Choose an elevator with adequate observation sides. For example, an elevator in the corner of the building would do well with two open sides. An elevator going through the middle of a mall could have observation windows on every side.

Installation of an Observation Elevator

Observation elevators are quite tricky to install and require the touch of an expert. You have to set up the shaft, guide rails, brakes, machine room, and other technical bits. You cannot install an observation elevator by yourself.
At DAZEN Elevator we manufacture, ship, and install the observation elevator for your. We do all of this at an affordable price, which gives you the leverage and freedom to choose what you desire.

Maintaining an Observation Elevator

Observation elevators have special windows, which collect dirt and grime over time. You have to clean these every week to prevent stubborn stains and scratches. Use a mild cleaning solution and dilute it in water to clean the outside and inside of the observation windows.

An individual with no experience can not maintain technical bits like cables and controllers. Only an expert can check, maintain, and repair these parts. We at DAZEN can do all of this for you, and even train people to do it effectively.

Contact us today to get the best observation elevators, custom-made for your accommodations, mall, or office. We can make all the necessary parts and design an elevator that captivates the passengers while giving them a comfortable ride. Contact us at info@dazenelevator.com

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