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Office Elevator

With urbanization on the rise, there is a growing demand for high-rise buildings, making high-speed, convenient, and large-capacity office elevators a necessity for modern companies. 


Our office building elevators are designed to meet these requirements and provide the highest operating efficiency during peak commuting hours. These elevators are typically larger in size to accommodate the high volume of people and logistics needs in office buildings. 


At Dazheng, we also offer flexible design options, car sizes, and control options to suit your needs.

Special Features

Elevator Group Control System

Our elevators feature an intelligent group control deployment system that significantly shortens waiting times for passengers, reduces the number of elevator start-ups, and improves overall efficiency. This system achieves an energy-saving effect of more than 30%, making it a sustainable choice for your building.

ID/C Card for Enhanced Safety

Our ID/C card system controls elevator usage, providing enhanced safety for building management and peace of mind for users.

Space Saving

We understand the importance of maximizing office space, which is why our elevators take up minimal space without compromising on ride quality or door operation. This reduces the elevator footprint in commercial office buildings, allowing for more usable space for tenants and their workplaces.

Office Elevator Case


4 Office Elevators Ordered By Côte d’Ivoire Customer

Our customer is a multinational corporation in Côte d’Ivoire. They have subsidiaries in many countries in Asia, Africa, etc. They established a connection with us and were looking for 4 x 4-floor office elevators.

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At Dazen, we are committed to designing bespoke environments for offices of all styles. Contact us to learn more about our office building elevators and how we can help you maximize efficiency and space utilization.

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