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What is an Outdoor Home Elevator?

Outdoor elevators are self-supporting lifts that are becoming quite popular. As the name implies, an outdoor home elevator is attached to the outside of your house or rooftop decks. These elevators are easy to install and very affordable.

There are no extra costs for moving the plumbing, electrical wiring, or other interior components. The trend of outdoor home elevators is increasing in parts of the US because of their comfort and convenience.

Numerous rental apartments and multi-purpose buildings have outdoor elevators to create separate pathways for the residents. At DAZEN Elevator, we manufacture and maintain the best outdoor home elevators at affordable prices.

outdoor home elevator

Can You Put an Elevator Outside?

Yes, you can put an elevator outside your home. A lot of people put an elevator outside their homes, because it’s more convenient, and affordable, saves space, and ensures a smoother flow of traffic. However, there are some requirements for installing an elevator outside your home:
· Outdoor elevators are attached to your house
· Separate electrical connections
· Sturdy support and wiring
· Protection from the elements
· Specific cabs because every elevator won’t work efficiently
· Health and safety standard compliance
· Permission from the local housing community
If you don’t have to worry about these requirements, then you’re good to go.

Advantages of Installing an Outdoor Home Elevator

Outdoor home elevator solutions offer multiple advantages compared to indoor elevators. The biggest advantage is the lack of indoor construction. You don’t have to cut through the floors, repurpose parts of your existing home, or bear extra costs for construction.
You get the same mobility, functionality, and capacity as standard indoor lifts and elevators. The added advantage is the added customization options. You can divide your house into portions, to give your tenants a separate entry point instead of your indoor stairs.
The added aesthetic vibe gives exterior elevators an edge over indoor elevators. You get to connect the different levels of your home while raising the style and value of your house. You can also maintain home elevators much more easily, so less hassle, and more fun.

Outdoor Residential Elevator Types

There are countless types of custom outdoor residential elevators. Some are equipped in villas, while others adorn the exteriors of standard multi-purpose buildings. We’ve listed the most common exterior residential elevators for you:

Traction Outdoor Elevator

Traction elevators are the most common type of residential elevator. These use the standard rope, wheel, drum, and motor to operate. The main strength of a traction elevator is its reliability and sturdiness.
On the downside, these elevators take more energy compared to some of the more modern elevator types. These elevators are also quite bulky and require a dedicated shaft because of their mechanism.

Platform Outdoor Elevator

An outdoor vertical platform lift or elevator is very affordable and functional. It’s the perfect choice for small homeowners, who want to add an elevator for more accessibility. This elevator consists of a platform, motor, and ropes.
Some of these outside elevators do not have the standard cab. For protection, you might see a low railing or half wall around the platform. These elevators are perfect for raised structures and take up very little floor space.

Hydraulic Outdoor Elevator

Hydraulic outdoor elevators are heavy-duty options that guarantee a smooth ride, great functionality, and low power consumption. These elevators use pistons and the power of fluids to ascend and descend.
Hydraulic elevators are perfect for multi-story buildings like apartment complexes. Due to their significant carriage capacity, these elevators are also great for transporting different items. Some might prefer these elevators because of their low maintenance costs.

What Materials Are Used for Outdoor Elevators?

Vertical outdoor elevators use the same materials as indoor elevators. Some of the materials used are:
· Aluminum for the body
· Tempered glass for panels
· Copper wires for electrical connections
· Plastic panels for elevator control etc
· Alloys for the shafts
· Metal operating mechanism to lift and drop the elevator
These are the main materials, and there are countless other ones. You have to be super careful about the quality of the materials because the wrong ones could cause more problems than benefits. At DAZEN, we use the best materials to make sturdy and functional home elevators.

Difference Between Outdoor Home Elevator and Indoor Elevator

Here’s a complete table that explains the differences between indoor and outdoor home elevators:

Outdoor Home ElevatorsIndoor Home Elevators
Does not require indoor constructionRequires new construction indoor
Offers custom capacityOffers custom capacity
Makes item transportation easierYou have to move items from inside the house
Adds more unique aesthetic valueMore common and limited aesthetic value
Costs between $5,000 and $15,000Costs between $10,000 and $20,000+
Is exposed to the elementsIs protected from the elements

Outdoor Home Elevator Price

The cost of an outdoor home elevator is between $10,000 and $20000+varies. It is according to your needs. For example, elevators with large carrying capacity cost more compared to single or two-passenger lifts. Some people want observation home elevators, which cost significantly more compared to standard elevators.
Another aspect to consider is the design of your house. For example, the more floors you connect through your elevator, the more materials you will need to construct the shaft, hoist the cable, etc. If you want to connect a basement through the elevator, you will have to undertake some construction as well.

Plan Your Outdoor Home Elevator Today

Adding an elevator to an existing house is a great way to get more accessibility and functionality. Outdoor elevators are perfect for small homeowners, who want the comfort of an elevator without the pains and costs of new home construction.
However, you will need help from experts to install a reliable residential elevator. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution that you’re looking for.
We can take care of all the hectic processes, from manufacturing your outdoor elevator to the whole installation process and aftercare. At DAZEN we blend affordability and warranty with comfort and quality, so you get everything you need without draining your wallet.
Get in touch with us today via phone or email. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and queries.

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