Passenger Elevator & Escalator In Georgia Shopping Center

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Our customer is local elevator company, this project is one of the biggest shopping center in Rustavi, Customers feel interested with Dazen brand cuase not only have we got a lot project reference but also can save a lot cost with very good quality.

Project LocationRustavi, Georgia
Product3Set Passenger Elevator
2Set In Door Escalator
Project TypeShopping Center
ShippingWe ship total 3×40HQ in Dec 2017
Project TimeNov 2017

For This Project, The Customer’s Requirements Include:

  • 3Set 14Floor Passenger Elevator and 2Set Escalator with 4200mm height
  • High quality and with a very good price
  • Local project reference
  • local installation service

Our Solution

With serveral Georgia local project reference and local agent guarantee ,all company information support ,customer feel very safe and comfortable

Local Installation

The Building

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