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In commercial shopping centers with high traffic flow, escalators become one of the most important vehicles to carry the guided flow of people and maximize the commercial value.

The primary focus in designing shopping mall escalators lies in crafting efficient flow patterns that entice customers towards upper floors. While providing customers with a better experience, it can also increase the customer transaction rate of the mall.

At Dazen, we are committed to offering you the ideal escalator solution tailored to the size of your business, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience for your customers.

Shopping Mall Escalator Design

Multiple Parallel Escalator

It is suitable for large department stores and exhibitions because it can convey large upward and downward pedestrian flows, has a small footprint, and has the effect of a forced flow.

Criss-Cross Escalator

With 2 escalators between each floor, the up and down traffic can be separated, which can avoid the congestion and confusion at the mouth of the escalator, in addition to increase the interest of the commercial space. Suitable for places with large up and down traffic flow


Single Parallel Escalator

Smaller footprint to advertise products while passengers are switching escalators.

Continuous Linear Escalator

In the straight direction of continuous transfer, smooth and convenient, the purpose of the design of such escalators is to introduce the fastest flow of people into the belly of the building, to achieve the maximum efficiency of the business.

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