Stretcher Elevator

A stretcher elevator is designed to carry an elevated stretcher with a patient lying horizontally on it. This type of elevator plays a crucial role in ensuring safety during medical emergencies. When faced with a sudden medical crisis, having a stretcher elevator allows for the safe and efficient transportation of patients.

In accordance with international building regulations, residential buildings that have four or more floors or an entrance level floor height exceeding 9m from the outdoor ground level must be equipped with elevators. For each residential unit with an elevator, it is mandatory to have at least one elevator that can accommodate a stretcher. 

Having these stretcher-equipped elevators in residential buildings ensures that medical assistance can be promptly provided when needed, providing a vital safety measure for residents and visitors alike.

Dazen is a professional elevator manufacturer based in China. We specialize in producing a wide range of elevators, including low to high-speed stretcher elevators, tailored to meet diverse medical requirements. Our expertise enables us to deliver elevators that ensure efficient and safe transportation of patients during medical emergencies.

Main Parameter

Stretcher Elevator Size

The elevator car size must not be less than 1500mm x 1600mm, providing ample space for the smooth movement of the stretcher and the patient during transportation. Additionally, the net width of the car door should be at least 900mm, ensuring easy and efficient access for medical personnel and equipment during emergencies.

Stretcher Lift Shaft Size

The minimum size of the stretcher elevator shaft should be 400mm (depth) * 2300mm (height). This specification ensures that the elevator can comfortably accommodate a stretcher with a patient lying horizontally, allowing for smooth and safe transportation during medical emergencies.

Stretcher Configurations

Capacity Opening Side Door Opening Size Inside Cab Dimension WxD Inclination (°) FSAE Compliant
2,500 lb F/R 42” side slide (staggered) 6'-8" x 4'-3½" A No
3,000 lb F 42” side slide 6'-8" x 4'-9" B No
3,000 lb F/R 42” side slide (staggered) 6'-8" x 4'-9½" A No
3,500 lb F 42” side slide 6'-8" x 5'-5" B Yes
3,500 lb F/R 42” side slide (staggered) 6'-8" x 5'-5½" A Yes
4,000 lb F 42” side slide 7'-8" x 5'-5" B Yes
4,000 lb F 48” center opening 7'-8" x 5'-5" C Yes
4,000 lb F/R 42” side slide 7'-8" x 5'-5½" A, D Yes
4,000 lb F/R 48” center opening 7'-8" x 5'-5½" E Yes

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