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1. Have a sense of prevention
It is necessary to have a sense of prevention when taking the elevator. This can add a protective barrier to your own safety. For example, when the elevator has been “overcrowded,” do not force entry, ride by force and overweight, do not rush around in the elevator, do not push each other when entering or exiting, if you find abnormal operation or some odors in the elevator when you take the elevator, you should Immediately disable and think of ways to tell maintenance personnel.Residential lifts
2. Press each layer button

When the elevator suddenly slams down, regardless of the number of floors in the building, the keys on each floor must be quickly pressed. This prevents the elevator from falling when the elevator emergency power is activated.
Keep calm

Suddenly, the elevator should be calm when it crashes, and avoid taking radical actions, such as chaos, slamming the elevator door, forcing the door, and so on. We must adjust the breathing and try to keep breathing and exhaling slowly. This is because In a narrow space, the amount of oxygen is limited. When people are calm, they consume less oxygen. Maintaining sedation can make trapped people less likely to suffocate due to lack of oxygen in a short period of time. In addition, because trapped people cannot know the elevator. At the location, forcing a trick will bring new dangers.
4. Close to the elevator interior wall

When the elevator crashes, it is often trapped in a state of weightlessness. After landing, it can easily cause physical injuries and even multiple fractures in the body. Therefore, at this time, the entire back and head must be in close contact with the elevator interior wall. Can use the elevator wall as back protection, at the same time, the knee to maintain a bent position to use the ligament to cushion the pressure, the neck is relatively weak, the neck can be hand to prevent cervical fractures, in addition, if the elevator has a handle, it is best grip the handle Avoid bumps and injuries.

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