Top 10 Elevator Companies in the USA

When it comes to elevators, the United States has one of the largest industries. The acceleration of global urbanization and industrialization has dramatically boosted the demand for elevators, giving rise to many high-quality elevator companies. When purchasing an elevator, you should compare elevator brands so that you can buy a more suitable elevator, let's take a look at what are the top 10 elevator brands in the United States. According to what we have compiled, each of the companies on it has a great reputation in the United States.

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1. Otis

It is one of the most famous elevator companies in the United States. The company name comes from the founder Elisha Otis. The company was founded in 1853 in New York. They are known for inventing the safety elevator. It has a unique feature in that the elevator locks itself in case of an accident, which helps to avoid any serious accidents.

Year Founded: 1853

Main Product: Low-Rise Elevators, Mid-Rise Elevators, High-Rise Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks

Website: www.otis.com


2. Schindler

Founded in Switzerland, the Schindler Group has evolved into the world’s leading escalator supplier, with over 1,000 subsidiaries or branches worldwide, creating a classic legend in the elevator industry. With its global manufacturing and technical network, Schindler has provided services in the United States since 1979. The company was initially founded in 1874. It acquired the elevator division of Westinghouse in 1989.

Year Founded: 1874

Main Product: Passenger elevators, Freight & special elevators, Modernization, Escalators & Moving Walks

Website: www.schindler.com

Schindler company

3. Kone

Kone Group was founded in 1910 and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of elevators and escalators. The Finnish parent company (KONE Corporation) has subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, with over 34,000 employees. It is one of the best elevator companies in the United States.

Year Founded: 1910

Main Product: Elevator & Escalator, Elevator Modernization, Escalator & Autowalk Modernization

Website: https://www.kone.us/


4. Thyssenkrupp

Thyssenkrupp is one of the world’s largest elevator companies, founded by Thyssen AG and the Krupp Group, known as TKE Elevator. It is a German company that has been working in the transition field since 1999. Their office in the USA is located in Georgia.

Year Founded: 1999

Main product: Low-Rise Elevator, Mid-Rise Elevators, High-Rise Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators, Traction Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks

Website: https://www.tkelevator.com/us-en/


5. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric was originally a Japanese company founded in 1931. Manufacturing and sales in the United States began around 1985. Currently, its U.S. business markets include California, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Boston, Nevada, Illinois, Hawaii, and more.
They are known for their top-notch execution of hydraulic elevator installations. Their product range includes high-speed, machine-roomless, hospital elevators, and machine-roomless elevators.

Year Founded: 1931

Main Product: Hydraulic Elevator, Traction Elevator, Escalator, Modernization

Website: https://www.mitsubishielevator.com/

Mitsubishi elevator

6. Fujitec America

Fujitec was founded in 1948 in Japan. Today, however, it operates in more than 16 locations in the United States. The company believes in providing the highest quality products and first-class post-installation maintenance.
Its main goals include providing the best modern services and keeping its products in line with advanced technology. They were also the first company to use artificial intelligence technology and neural computer data.
Fujitec integrated this data into the elevator mechanism in 1995. This led to the invention of a large elevator with a capacity of 120 people at a time. It is recognized as one of the best elevator manufacturers.
The New York Times building is one of its well-known customers. In the United States, its manufacturing plant is located in Ohio.

Year Founded: 1948

Main Product: Elevator, Escalator & Moving walkway, Destination Dispatch

Website: https://fujitecamerica.com/


7. Hitachi

The company is from Japan and has a net worth of approximately $567,673 million. Hitachi is one of the global leaders that maintain a strong presence in the United States. Their streamlined operations and quality service are the reasons for their popularity in the United States.
They have a firm grip on the country’s building systems sector. They offer services in the areas of modernization, maintenance, and installation. The company’s goal is to go fully digital with elevators.

Year Founded: 1995

Main Product: Elevator, Escalator & Moving Side Walk, Group Control, Elevator System, Maintenance,

Website: https://www.hitachi.com/businesses/elevator/


8. Hyundai

Hyundai is not a new name in the U.S. elevator manufacturing market. The company first started as a construction company in 1947 and then entered the elevator manufacturing field in 1984—the best elevator company in New York, combining the latest technology with top-notch service.
Modern Elevator uses environmentally friendly methods to manufacture elevators and other products such as moonwalks, cars, marine, hospitals, and escalators. They have incorporated ISO 9001 into their quality management system and OHSAS into their safety management process.

Year Founded: 1947

Main Product: Elevators, Marine Elevators, Escalators/Moving Walks, Parking Systems

Website: https://www.hyundaielevator.com/en/index


9. Schumacher Elevator

Schumacher Elevator Company, a Native American, family-owned business located in Bremer County, specializes in the installation, maintenance, and modernization of elevators and escalators. In 2023, U.S. Senator R-Iowa recognized Schumacher Elevator Company as one of the Best Small Businesses.

Year Founded: 1970

Main Product: Elevators, Escalators

Website: https://www.schumacherelevator.com/

10. Delta

It is considered one of the best elevator manufacturers due to its integrated support system and high-quality assurance.
Delta started in 1971 and has been operating in the United States for decades. It is one of the best elevator companies in California. Delta Elevator has a wide range of products including microprocessor electronic cards, frequency converters, elevator controllers, door detectors, etc. The company has a strict quality inspection policy so that customers always get the best quality assurance.

Year Founded: 1971

Main Products: Hydraulic Passenger Elevators, Traction Passenger Elevators, MRL Passenger Elevators, Freight Elevators, Material Lifts, Elevator Controllers, Elevator Options

Website: https://delta-elevator.com/

11. Dazen Elevator

Dazen is a total solution provider for elevators and elevator components. With a strong research and technology team from Otis and Kone, as well as a high-speed inspection tower of 6 m/s and a production capacity of more than 5,000 elevators, they are able to provide not only highly competitive elevators and components but also the strongest guarantee for elevator safety. Dazen Elevator has exported to more than fifty countries worldwide. It has established an office in the United States.

Year Founded: 2014

Main Products: Passenger elevator, Home Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Hospital Elevator, Freight Elevator, Escalator & Moving Walkway

Website: www.dazenelevator.com

dazen factory

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