What Is a Double-Sided Elevator?

In the ever-evolving world of architectural design, space efficiency and optimizing traffic flow has become dominant. However, maximizing space efficiency is quite a challenge when installing a vertical transportation especially in high foot traffic areas. There Is an innovation that addresses this- introducing the double-sided elevators. Double sided elevators offer space optimization, better accessibility, operational efficiency, and improved traffic flow. They are commonly used to separate public areas from private areas. They are beneficial for buildings with high foot traffic or complex layouts such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and large commercial buildings.

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What is a Double-Sided Elevator?

A double-sided elevator is an elevator that has two sets of doors. The commonly used double-sided elevator is the elevator with front and rear doors. This elevator has a set of front and rear doors. This means a passenger can enter or exit through the front or the rear door depending on the floor. For example, you can enter the first floor from the south gate, exit the second floor from the north gate, and exit the third floor from the south gate.
There is a double-sided elevator with a front door and a side door. This kind of double-sided elevator is rarely used.

Installing double-sided elevators requires a proper examination of the building layout. For more information on whether double-sided elevators are ideal for your building contact Dazen today.

Why Do Some Buildings Use Double-Sided Elevators?

There are several reasons buildings utilize double-sided elevators, from space efficiency to operational efficiency.

Space Optimization

Double-sided elevators allow the effective use of available space within a building. With the double-sided elevators, architects can design buildings to optimize traffic flow, which can help reduce the need for extra hallways and waiting areas.

Space Saving

A double-sided shaft can effectively serve multiple corridors or sections, effectively reducing the need for multiple separate elevators to be installed. This help free up space for other uses compared to single-sided elevators. They can also serve multiple passengers simultaneously from different floors reducing the number of trips needed to serve the number of people.
In addition, one double-sided elevator can serve both public and private areas, reducing the number of elevators. For example, for a hotel, a single double-sided shaft installed between two parallel corridors can serve both guest rooms and service areas such as housekeeping closes or service corridors.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Double-sided elevators improve operational efficiency in various buildings such as hotels, shopping malls and hospitals, as it reduce congestion and enhance flexibility. By providing two entrances, the elevators can handle passengers simultaneously, reducing congestion during peak hours.

Connecting Uneven Floors

When a new building is built on an old one, double-sided elevator can be used to connect the uneven floors. The front can open to the old building while the rear or side door can open to the new building.

Separating Public and Private Areas

Double sided elevators can be used to separate public and private areas. One set of doors can allow entrance to public areas, such as restaurants, while the other door gives access to private areas such as hotel kitchens or laundry. The private rear entrance can be secured with a key switch or card reader.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Double-Sided Elevator


Double-sided elevators generally cost more than single-sided elevators because of the additional doors, which increase the cost of materials. The price is also affected by the complex mechanism of the elevators.


The installation of double-sided elevators is more labor intensive as it requires additional time and expertise. Also, the installation is a bit more complex due to the need for precise alignment and synchronization of the two doors.


Double-sided elevators may require smaller car sizes to fit within the same dimensions as single-sided elevators. This might be a disadvantage if you require a larger car size to accommodate more passengers or transport larger items.

Building Layout

Evaluate the building layout to determine if it can accommodate the requirements of double-sided elevators. Ensure that there is sufficient space on both sides of the elevator shaft for the doors.

If you have more questions or require more information on whether a double-sided elevator is a good choice for your building, contact the sales team at Dazen Elevator. We will respond to your inquiry within 8 hours.

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