What to Do If Elevator Breaks Down?

Urbanization has greatly popularized the use of elevators, significantly enhancing the convenience of people's daily lives and travel. As technology continues to advance and mature, the likelihood of elevator accidents has become exceedingly rare. Nevertheless, it remains essential for us to be prepared for unexpected situations and ensure our safety. So, what steps should we take if an issue arises while riding in an elevator?

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Maintain Composure

While elevator malfunctions are infrequent, there’s no need to panic if they occur. It’s crucial to swiftly assess the situation and respond accordingly on the spot. Managing your emotions is essential when confronted with an unforeseen circumstance.

Reach Out for Help Promptly

In the event of an elevator malfunction, there are several ways to establish contact with the outside world. You can use the telephone or intercom within the elevator cabin. Alternatively, pressing the alarm bell located on the control panel can alert the authorities for assistance. If your mobile phone has signal reception, you can also dial the emergency number for fire rescue. Additionally, you can attract attention by firmly striking the elevator doors, signaling your distress to those outside.

Avoid Forcing Open The Elevator Door

In case of a malfunction where the elevator remains stationary, refrain from attempting to forcefully open the elevator doors to prevent any potential exacerbation of the issue.

Stand to The Side of The Elevator

If you feel the elevator dropping a little when the elevator malfunctions, it is important to hold a line against the inside of the elevator with your knees bent. Bend your knees and brace against the cabin’s interior. This can slow down the impact and may save your life during a crisis.

Grip The Handles and Select Different Floor Buttons

If there are handles available inside the elevator, hold onto them to maintain stability and prevent any unsteadiness that could lead to a fall. In some instances, when an elevator experiences a breakdown, emergency power may activate. During such situations, press buttons for various floors; this action may help to reposition the elevator and stabilize it, reducing the risk of a sudden drop. In these moments, it’s crucial to remain patient and wait for rescue personnel to arrive.

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