Why Do Elevators in Hospital Open On One Side?

If you've ever taken a closer look at elevators, you might notice that elevators in residential and commercial buildings typically use center open doors. Hospital elevators, in contrastd, ofen use telescopic open doors. Why is this difference in design? Dazen's engineers will provide you insight.

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Save Shaft Space

When the elevator shaft is already planned, the opening width of a telescopic open door is larger than that of a center open door.

Commercial elevators are mainly used to transport passengers, and the door opening width of 900mm and 1100mm is generally sufficient. Hospital elevators not only transport passenger, but also need to transport hospital beds, stretchers, medical instruments and other large equipment, so the door width is often 1500mm or 1800mm.

Elevators with center open doors require the elevator shaft to reserve space for half the width of each car on both sides. In contrast, telescopic doors only need space equal to half the width of the car on one side.

For example, if a hospital elevator door width is 1800mm, a center open door would require 900mm of space on both the left and right sides, totaling 1800mm. Which needs a large shaft, resulting in wasted space. On the other hand, a telescopic door only needs 900mm of space on one side, making it more space-efficient.

Function of a Hospital Elevator


The traction balancing device of medical elevator is side counterweight, which can save the space of the shaft and increase the width of the door. The traction balancing device of commercial elevator is rear counterweight, the space on both sides of the shaft is small, and it is more reasonable to separate the door design in the middle.

Epidemic Prevention

Center open door elevator, the middle is easy to close poorly, while the telescopic door only needs to set up a place in the fixed side of the E-type structure to ensure the seal.

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