A Comprehensive Guide to Passenger Lift Sizes

Whether there are construction sites, big warehouses, or apartment buildings — the right lift sizes are crucial for safety and efficiency. It also enables people to move without being crowded or reduces energy consumption. Before choosing a lift, you need to be certain about its space and weight capacity and how often it will be used. For example, apartment buildings’ lifts must be big enough to hold heavy items like bags or baby strollers. In factories, lifts must be efficient enough to carry weighty items and have room for equipment used to move these heavy items. So make sure to always choose the elevator following your requirements. And if you don’t have enough information about lift size, simply go through this comprehensive guide and learn about all sizes of lifts to opt for the right one.

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Standard Passenger Lift Size

Passenger elevators come in different sizes to meet people’s requirements. Its sizes range from small, perfect for houses and apartments, scaling up to more specious options for malls and offices. The small sizes are used for 2-3 people, and the big ones contain up to 20 passengers. Have a look at the following content to learn about different lift sizes. 

Detailed Analysis of Different Lift Sizes

Standard, compact, and large are the three main lift sizes. Each of the sizes has different needs and space available in the building. Standard size is used for offices and normal apartments and can easily carry 8-10 people.

In places where there is little room, the compact elevator is a great choice. It’s perfect for 4-5 people. Therefore, it’s commonly used in small offices and houses. Large elevators are used for big office blocks and large apartments. It’s made for carrying heavy items and can carry a lot of people. To help you understand each lift size with shaft dimension, car dimension, and load kilogram, different lift sizes are explained below ranging from 2-3 persons lift size to 20 passengers lift size.

office elevator (1)

2-3 Person Lift Size

This elevator is used for homes and small offices. Since it comes in a small size, it requires minimal shaft dimension and saves space. Using this elevator, people can move small items like groceries, etc.

4 Passenger Lift Size

It is commonly seen in small commercial buildings and residential complexes. It’s neither big nor small but just the right size to ensure everyone has enough space without feeling cramped.

An elevator with a capacity for 4 passengers or 300 kg should ideally be 1100 (W) x 700 (D). The size of the shaft should be 1500X1300.

5 Person Lift Size

Used in medium-sized buildings, this lift is perfect for five people. With an optimal shaft size, it is considered the right blend of capacity and space conservation.

An elevator with a capacity for 5 passengers or 380 kg should ideally be 1100 (W) x 1800 (D). The size of the cabin should be 1500 X 1400mm.

6 Passenger Lift Size

A 6-passenger lift size is commonly used for small to medium-sized buildings, such as homes, offices, and hotels. It doesn’t require much space, so it saves installation costs and area.

An elevator with a capacity for 6 passengers or 450 kg should ideally be 1100×1100. The size of the shaft should be 1850X 1500.

8 Passenger Lift Size

This elevator is a great choice for commercial settings and residential blocks. Since this lift can handle tighter traffic, it’s commonly used in business environments.

An elevator with a capacity for 8 passengers or 630 kg should ideally be 1400×1100. The size of the shaft should be 1900X 1700.

10 Passenger Lift Size

The 10-passenger lift has a 2200 x 2100 shaft dimension with a 1350 x 1400 rated capacity. The 10-passenger lift fits best in large residential complexes and commercial buildings.

An elevator with a capacity for 10 passengers or 800 kg should ideally be 1400×1350. The size of the shaft should be 1900X 1950.

13 Passenger Lift Size

A 13-passenger lift size is typically used in high-traffic commercial buildings and large residential projects. However, this lift size has more extensive planning in terms of shaft dimension and building design.

An elevator with a capacity for 13 passengers or 1000 kg should ideally be 1600×1400. The size of the shaft should be 2100X 2000.

16 Passenger Lift Size

For large commercial complexes and high-rise residential buildings, the 16-passenger lift is used. It ensures passengers’ comfort while handling high traffic efficiently.

An elevator with a capacity for 16 passengers or 1250 kg should ideally be 1900×1500. The size of the shaft should be 2400X 2200.

20 Passenger Lift Size

The 20-21 passenger lift size is listed among the largest standard lifts and is a great option for large-scale commercial projects, hospitals, and other public spaces.

An elevator with a capacity for 21 passengers or 1600 kg should ideally be 2000×1700. The size of the shaft should be 2500X 2400.

Final Thought

Selecting the right size passenger lift (also called an elevator) is important for safety and work efficiency. It requires building purpose, architectural design, and how many people will use the elevator. So, if you have a query about elevator size or want to install an elevator, simply contact Dazen Elevator and get your job done perfectly. It has been in the market for a decade, so it has a highly skilled team of experts who can perfectly accomplish all types of lift installation and repair tasks.

Whatever type of elevator you want to install or repair — whether it’s a passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, home elevator, escalator, or elevator components, Dazen Elevator will be your reliable and one-stop solution.

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