What Are the Advantages of Passenger Elevators?

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For some high-rise residential or office buildings, Passenger elevators are very important. Therefore, how to choose the right elevator brand has become the focus of everyone’s attention. A good brand is always popular with the public, which is inseparable from its own merits. Next, let’s discuss what are the advantages that we should choose.

Comfortable and convenient

In order to bring passengers a more comfortable and convenient riding experience, the elevator has been upgraded in three main aspects: firstly, the opening distance is wider, reaching 900mm; secondly, the car height is higher, reaching 2500mm; and thirdly, the materials are selected and solidly used.

Comfortable and convenient
Comfortable and convenient

Reduces the difficulty of building planning for reserved shafts

In addition, the machine-room-less elevator eliminates the need for a machine room at the top of the building, bringing greater design to the building’s exterior design. Relying on the design concept and mature control system, the elevator has become the transportation tool of modern buildings by integrating the research and development achievements of the industry technology, which makes the elevator with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, space-saving, safety and comfort. The brand has also made a big breakthrough in the design of elevator cabs, with simple and fashionable style and elegant and diversified style, fully meeting its expectations in terms of aesthetics and practicality.


1. The traction machine realizes gearless transmission, which eliminates gear transmission noise and vibration.
2. The motor rotation speed is very low, which greatly reduces the high-frequency vibration and electromagnetic eddy current noise of the motor.
3. Adopting the rewinding lanyard method, the shaking energy generated by the main machine is reduced by 90% and the shaking amplitude is reduced by 50%.

Quiet Passenger Elevators
Quiet Passenger Elevators


Compared with traditional elevators with machine rooms, the height of the machine room is effectively reduced by 250mm and the area of the machine room is effectively saved by nearly 70%. The machine room is only an extension of the shaft, so it does not need to occupy the rest of the space; with the energy-saving technology, it can achieve about a 30% energy-saving effect.

Dazen elevator uses exquisite machining technology and automatic control technology to manufacture energy-saving, environmentally friendly, elevators, which have become the symbol of quality in the elevator industry. The elevator products cover passenger elevator, sightseeing elevatorresidential elevator, villa elevator, hospital elevator, service elevator, freight elevator, miscellaneous elevator, escalator & moving walkway and other series. Our products have also gradually opened up the international market and are recognized and welcomed by users all over the world.

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